New Year’s Eve – 12/31/2014

We spent New Year’s Eve at Kelly and Jeff’s house this year. Danelle doesn’t have too many opportunities to dress up, so she used this occasion and looked great!


All our normal crew was there, but they had invites several of their other friends to join. There were more kids than we knew what to do with, but luckily they were all generally in the basement. We congregated in the kitchen near the food and drinks.

IMG_20141231_210757 IMG_20141231_210819 IMG_20141231_211132

With the kids in the basement, we got in several rounds of Cards Against Humanity. I was entertained by the embarrassment and lack of knowledge related to the terms on the cards from the other parents. Corvin wanted to play, but we had to remind him many times that he is not old enough to understand.

Hogan Haake

Rocket Park – 8.20.11

One of the kids favorite places to play is the “Rocket Park”. Its within a few miles of the house and Corvin and I have biked there before. Kelly and her kids came with us for the visit. One of the great features of the park is a bunch of trees surrounding the play area. They serve a double purpose. First, they shade the benches that the parents sit on while kids play. Secondly, my kids like to climb them. Since they are not too tall, its rather safe for them too.