Bike With Sonora – 6/25/2016

Sonora has been begging Danelle and I to rent a multi person bike for at least a month. Once she is fixated on something, we never hear the end of it. I had to go ice skating earlier in the year for her last obsession. She really wanted to go around Creve Coeur lake so we headed out there. When we arrived, there were no rentals going on. They were closed for the day for some other event. Instead of heading home, I had one more chance to fine a rental. So we headed to the Bike Stop Cafe & Outpost in St. Charles. The had the exact bike she wanted to rent. They got our rental started quickly and right on the Katy Trail.


Sonora wanted to try the bike by herself.


She doesn’t look happy, but she’s having a blast!


From far away, we thought it was a 4 person bike, but up close, its just for 2 adults and 2 kids.


When she was in the bathroom, I moved over to the driver’s seat. I found that the pedal on this side popped a bit when pedaled hard, so I was happy to be on my side even if she had issues keeping it on her side of the trail. While in the driver’s seat waiting, I tried to do donuts going in a tight circle. I shocked myself when I quickly got the bike up on two side wheels. If I didn’t react quickly, I would have tipped it over on its side!

By the time we returned the bike about an hour had elapsed. Sonora had about all the fun she could handle and was ready to head home. Another perfect outing!

Hogan Haake

End of the Katy Trail – 5/22/2016

I love the idea of the Katy Trail. I’ve biked a few miles of it and its right in our city. So I decided to see a larger portion of it. Corvin wanted to go with me for this adventure. We parked at the trail head at Black Walnut, Missouri.


We then biked east to Machens, MO to see the end of the trail. We were slightly disappointed by the end. There is no parking and it just stops after the shelter. Then again, on second thought, it may be more special because you can only bike/walk there!


Hogan Haake

Katy Trail – 5/30/2015

We left KC from picking up the kids earlier in the day so we could get home at a decent hour. I thought it would be nice to stop in Rocheport and get some movement/exercise before continuing the drive home. There, we found several things.

Awesome brick oven

Awesome brick oven

Awesome brick oven

Awesome brick oven

Awesome brick oven

Awesome brick oven

Cool wooden train

IMG_20150530_191135 IMG_20150530_191128

We found a lake that was flooded via the Missouri river rising. Danelle and the kids worked their way into a box for viewing wildlife.

IMG_20150530_185629 IMG_20150530_185639 IMG_20150530_185807 IMG_20150530_185817

Here is a time lapse video I took walking on the Katy trail during this outing.

Hogan Haake