Katy Trail 25 – 10/17/2017

After two days at a conference, I was ready for a break. So I planned for one accordingly. The DevUp conference was conveniently located in St. Charles MO, not far from the Katy Trail. Some will argue that its too rough for a unicycle, but I find the chat and hard packed dirt trails perfect for a smooth ride. Combine that with it not being too busy with users and its a perfect destination. I had it in my mind that I would ride after the second day of the conference, so I packed accordingly. With the conference winding down on the second day, I ran out of sessions that piqued my interest. Shortly after lunch, I headed out to the trail. With a bag full of food and water, I set off to see how far I dared ride. It ended up that I went from the St. Charles boathouse all the way to I-64 bridge and back. A route of almost exactly 25 miles.

I won’t lie to you and say it was easy, but its the next step towards farther riding. I would like to be able to ride 40 miles or more in a single day and I think I’m getting closer. Having music playing with a high tempo certainly helped. I know I was riding well because I had my first every mile where I averaged 10 mph and it was towards the end of the ride! And some photos đŸ™‚

Hogan Haake

Katy Trail Boonville, MO – 7/7/2017

I was going to KC to pick up Sonora after a week with her cousins. I got the bright idea to leave early and ride on the Katy Trail in Boonville, MO. So I jumped out of work early and packed up getting on the road quickly. I was in Boonville before I knew it and crossed north over the Missouri river to a trail head. I went east towards Rocheport, MO hoping to reach the town.

I did see some fantastic sights along the way. I turned around after the 8 mile mark and came all the way back and then some more to go over the Missouri river.

I ended up riding about 18 miles on a perfect evening. On the remaining drive to KC, I told my dad I was coming in so they would expect me. Then in the morning, I went out to the campsite and picked Sonora up. It was a very quick out and back, but worth it to spend that one on one time with Sonora in the car.

Hogan Haake

Katy Trail with Corvin – 7/6/2017

Corvin and I went out for a unicycle ride on the Katy Trail. We didn’t set any distance or time records, but we did spend time together. I like hearing Corvin talk about his life and the things that interest him. He even got up on the big unicycle for a bit. While he can do it, its still a little much for him. But at the rate he is growing and getting better, its only a matter of time.

Hogan Haake

Creve Coeur Connector – 9/25/2016

Corvin and I decided to do a longer bike/unicycle ride. Okay, I decided and he wanted to come with me. I wanted to ride the Creve Coeur connector trail. This trail connects Creve Coeur Lake trail system with the nearby Katy Trail.

The path  goes between the lake and the Katy Trail following highway 364/Page Ave. Eventually the path joins up with the road to use the Page bridge to go over the Missouri river to get to the Katy trail. The view over the river is really cool!

All of the things on the fence are Love Padlocks. I found them annoying as they block the view of the river. At the west side of the river, I took the photo of the path winding back down the hill to the Katy trail. I rode all the way down without stopping and almost made it back up!

Sometimes its nice going back the same way you came. It adds perspective for things that you missed going one way. In this case, it was a large field of plants. It doesn’t look like much, but the field is flooded with water. If you put a canoe in here, you’re head probably would not be taller than the plants!

The ride ended up being just over 6 miles and a whole lot of fun!

Hogan Haake


Bike With Sonora – 6/25/2016

Sonora has been begging Danelle and I to rent a multi person bike for at least a month. Once she is fixated on something, we never hear the end of it. I had to go ice skating earlier in the year for her last obsession. She really wanted to go around Creve Coeur lake so we headed out there. When we arrived, there were no rentals going on. They were closed for the day for some other event. Instead of heading home, I had one more chance to fine a rental. So we headed to the Bike Stop Cafe & Outpost in St. Charles. The had the exact bike she wanted to rent. They got our rental started quickly and right on the Katy Trail.


Sonora wanted to try the bike by herself.


She doesn’t look happy, but she’s having a blast!


From far away, we thought it was a 4 person bike, but up close, its just for 2 adults and 2 kids.


When she was in the bathroom, I moved over to the driver’s seat. I found that the pedal on this side popped a bit when pedaled hard, so I was happy to be on my side even if she had issues keeping it on her side of the trail. While in the driver’s seat waiting, I tried to do donuts going in a tight circle. I shocked myself when I quickly got the bike up on two side wheels. If I didn’t react quickly, I would have tipped it over on its side!

By the time we returned the bike about an hour had elapsed. Sonora had about all the fun she could handle and was ready to head home. Another perfect outing!

Hogan Haake