Christmas at Laura’s – 12/21/2018

The annual get together with Laura and friends continued this year. We met at Laura’s place downtown.

Laura hosting the party with Jermey

Danelle and Sonora hanging out.

Michael is fighting off Eva and Robert

I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of Laura where she wansn’t happy. Always fun to be around her!

Jeremy and I hanging out!

Jen and Danelle. AKA moms with oldish kids trying to stay awake!

Robert has energy for days!

Eva has that same energy.

Katie was able to make the party and joined us. I was surprised that she stayed as late as she did, cause she had patients to see in the morning.

Playing a family friendly group game together. Can’t remember what it was, but we were all laughing!

And it wouldn’t be a holiday without a game of “Cards Against Humanity”.

Hogan Haake

Mary Day – 11/9/2014

Danelle’s college friend, Mary happened to be visiting St. Louis for a few days. We were lucky enough to meet up with her and her sister at the Transportation Museum. IMG_8316

We didn’t have much time, but with several kids, it was probably better that way. My kids did a great job playing/watching the other four kids. Of course we had had to ride the train.


After the museum, Mary and her kids went in our van to Laura’s house. There we hung out with other college friends late into the night. Unfortunately, the night ended when one of Mary’s kids got suck and threw up. We took them home to her sister’s house. The whole time, I was a bit worried that her kid would get sick again in my van. While we made it without incident in the van, her son got sick again inside her sister’s house.

Hogan Haake