St. Louis Mardi Gras – 2/10/2018

The annual tradition continued this year. The group was a bit smaller, but Jake came out for the first time. We met Laura downtown as well. As normal, there was too much drinking by all, but we won’t talk a bout that. Ohh, and its the first year we made it out early enough for the parade. How about some photos…

And how about some drama… We met the girl below when she fell over next to us and seemed to need some help.

The heel of her boot was coming off, she lost her friends, and was very drunk. We had an awkward moment when we helped her zip up her coat. We were actually doing our best to be gentleman and did not want to take any advantage of her. Eventually we walked her all the way back to the Hilton hotel where she finally met up with her friends. That whole ordeal took nearly 2 hours, but was worth it to do the right thing. But it sure was nice to get home!

Hogan Haake

St. Louis Mardi Gras – 2/25/2017

I’ve been to Mardi Gras too many times, and this is just one more. I’m the bridge between two groups that all come together to get drunk and walk the streets. This year, Hanna’s friend Jen came to join our crew. The first step is always getting in costume. After the pink suit I wore last year, most of the group wanted in. Cory came to the rescue getting us jump suits and iron on patches so we could become the Ghost Busters.

With costumes on, we went for lunch before heading out to the party. Its fun to go in costume and gets looks!

Once properly fed, we took the Metrolink down to the party. This gave us a chance to mingle and warm up to the party, and time to sober up on the way home. Here are a few photos from Mardi Gras itself. We got a lot of “Who ya gonna call” yelled to our group and requests for photos.

Towards the end of the evening after a few too many libations, Cory bet us he could walk right up on a stage and touch the balloons. We didn’t think he could/would.

He is in the orange jacket going up the stairs in the photo. Not only did he go up and touch the balloons, he got them to play the (our) theme song for the movie Ghostbusters!

It got dark and cold quickly and our group was loosing conscious thought quickly. A stop to the bathrooms, then we could leave.

Every year when I write up my thoughts and recap the event, I wonder why I do it. But every January, I start asking my group who is coming with me.

Hogan Haake

St. Louis Mardi Gras – 2/6/2016

Somehow Mardi Gras has become a tradition with my friends and family (the male ones, but they are all invited). Herman and Henry brought their friend Connor Lewis with them from Kansas City. I wanted to make sure that they all had a good time. All we had to do was prepare and we would have a good time. Connor was a great sport, taking in all his surroundings and enjoying being a guest in a new city.

We started off Friday night with a late trip to the grocery (liquor) store followed by White Castle for dinner. We wanted Connor to know the best St. Louis has to offer 🙂

IMG_20160205_214808 IMG_20160205_223722

We drank light cause Saturday was going to be more serious…Mardi Gras is best experienced in costume. It shows that you’re ready to have a great time and is generally fun! So we headed to our local Goodwill store to look for costume ideas. It didn’t take long for a few winners to show up!

Connor Lewis

Notice Connor has something red and interesting on under the bunny suit.


Our plan per tradition was to meet at the Metrolink station at 1 pm to ride it all the way downtown with our fellow Mardi Gras patrons. We packed the van and got there a bit early and started mixing our drinks. Again per tradition, we get 1L bottles of our favorite drink (Coke, Diet Coke) and drink a bit out. Then we replace the missing fluid with large quantities of Southern Comfort and/or rum. Whatever doesn’t fit in the drink must be chugged from the bottle.

We had a minor snafu and consumed all the Southern Comfort before Jeff and Cory showed up, so Cory had to get more on the way. Here is our group before boarding the train!

IMG_20160206_131334 IMG_20160206_131401 IMG_20160206_132704

We decided to try our best to be “more fun” on the train, so we practiced and prepared. After every stop of the train, we sang part of 4 Non Blonds, What’s Going On.

And so I cry sometimes
When I’m lying in bed
Just to get it all out
What’s in my head
And I, I am feeling a little peculiar
And so I wake in the morning
And I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high
And I scream from the top of my lungs
What’s going on?

It wasn’t in tune or good, but it was funny. Eventually all the guys got into it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our fellow travelers to sing along with us which was a gosh darn shame!

Hanging out at Mardi Gras was amazing due to the beautiful warm weather we had. People were generally cheery and we met tons of colorful people. Speaking of colorful, that Connor has a way with the ladies! Somehow I was talked into not being the designated driver and things went downhill fast for me! We’ll let the photos speak for the rest of our time!20160206_151443 20160206_170928 20160206_171603 20160206_173232 20160206_174053 20160206_175415


This chick did NOT like us!


Standing in front of Anna’s house


Lots of people wanted a photo with me.

IMG_20160206_170955 IMG_20160206_171002 IMG_20160206_172813 IMG_20160206_174810

Everyone got home safe and unharmed. But Connor did loose his new IPhone6 which put a bit of a damper on the end of our evening. Even so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Connor back next year!

Hogan Haake




South Dakota Kayak Challenge – 5/22/2015

So I talked Danelle into a canoe race with me. A simple 72 mile race in South Dakota. Here is how it all went down.

Thursday after work was the last day of school for the kids. We went to the after school party and let the kids hang around till right before 7pm. Then we went home and loaded in the pre-packed van and headed 4 hours to KC.

Friday morning, Danelle and I said by to the kids leaving them in KC for the next week with grandparents. We were on the road before 7am. We had to be in Yankton, South Dakota by 3 pm. So we took a nice long drive together up I-29 all the way. We had banked some extra time driving and were able to take a minor detour to see part of the river in person.

On the way to our detour, we came across some serious road construction. A lone flagman stood with the sign on stop. I pulled up and turned off the van. Being the friendly type, I got out and talked with the guy for at least 10 minutes before traffic piled up behind me and the pilot car came into view. He thanked me for getting out to talk with him as the job gets quite lonely.

Back in the van, Danelle and I laughed as we followed the pilot car through the construction. It wasn’t until we passed the road we needed during the pilot session that we realized that we missed it. So after we left the construction zone, I pulled a U-Turn and joined the ranks of people to be piloted back the direction we came.

Once on the correct route, we found what we were looking for. Mulberry Bend was an interesting place on the map and somewhere where the road went over the river that we could scout ahead.

IMG_20150522_124347 IMG_20150522_123510 IMG_20150522_123755

With a peek into the race to come, we got back in the van can continued towards Yankton, South Dakota. We were getting hungry and decided to stop in a nearby town for food. That town happened to be Gayville, South Dakota. There didn’t look like much to be happy about there, and nowhere to eat. I would like to say that I took the high road, but I didn’t. We stopped a few times for me to take photos and giggle at the name.

IMG_20150522_131200 IMG_20150522_131403

We ended up at a Burger King in Yankton for a quick meal before going to the race HQ to check in and drop off our boat. I was quite impressed with the organization of the race. The welcome committee was there to help with everything from parking to unloading boats. The check in process was simple and direct.

I sought out Jarett Bies and Steven Dahlmeier (the guys responsible for the race) after we checked in. I had been in contact with them about using RaceOwl to track the results of their race. While the ultimately declined to use the system, I still wanted to meet the people I communicated with.

With people met, there were still important things to do before we could relax. We drove a few blocks back into town to the Riverfront Hotel. It was slightly more expensive than the official hotel, but in easy walking distance of the race start. There, we unloaded everything we needed for the race and practiced packing it into as few pieces as possible. Once unpacked I said goodbye to Danelle.

There was a shuttle in South Souix City, Nebraska that I had to catch at 5pm. That would leave our van at the finish line so we could leave after finishing the race with no drama. I can’t begin to say how awesome this is for race logistics. And inexpensive to boot.

One of the most exciting things about this trip for me is that we were finishing the race somewhere special. Back in 2011 on day 2 of our vacation, my parents van broke down. We stopped in Souix City, IA to get it worked on. While we were there waiting for it to be fixed, we went to a park down by the river. The Missouri was flooding that year and they were busy sandbagging buildings. If you look at the photos, there is one of a building with sand bags, that is the YMCA that I parked at for the finish of the race. I remember saying while I was looking at the river, it looks amazing and I would love to paddle it, but it’ll probably never happen. Here I am, just 4 years later fulfilling a dream!

After a long wait in the parking lot with other paddlers, we took the hour plus ride in a school bus back to Yankton. When we pulled up, it had gotten cold and rained a little. The wind picked up and I could not get warm. I didn’t see Danelle and she didn’t answer her phone, so I walked back to our hotel room and got another shirt. When I was there, she finally called me back wondering where I was. We must have just missed each other!

After a nice safety meeting, we enjoyed a pre-race meal and quickly returned to our room. I mentioned the hotel before, but if you’re in the area, its awesome and worth staying at!

IMG_20150522_144235 IMG_20150522_144250

Race morning came early and we packed every last thing in our room into a bag and made one trip down to the race start. We must have looked like interesting hobos as we had paddles and bags! We got to the start and had to prove we had the required safety items before we were allowed into the race area. I appreciate their attention to detail and safety.

The division, Mixed-Tandem Adventure, we registered for required us to start with the boat against the shore. We were not early enough to have a front spot, so we were in the second wave for launching. Due to the length of the race, we were not worried about a few seconds as it doesn’t matter in a 72 mile race.Starting Area

Starting Area behind the wood structure on the left

When the horn sounded the start of the race, we moved the guy in front of us fully into the water then got ourselves in and moving right away. We stayed wide of the other boats to avoid the drama of colliding with other boats at the start. Slowly, we started passing most of the boats in front of us and establishing our place in the race. I was in front with Danelle in back.

The race is a bit of a blur for both of us. We remember that there were 4 checkpoints spaced out. We didn’t stop at any of them which saved us valuable time. It was also great that we put in a track in the GPS ahead of time. A few times, we were unsure of where to go and deferred to the track picked from the satellite images.

At the end of the race, we had spent 11 hours and 31 minutes in the boat non-stop and took first in our division by almost an hour! I gave the race my all (including little training) and was very sore and weak when we finished. I needed help loading the boat on the van as I could not have done it if I wanted to. We waited for the awards ceremony to enjoy our first place finish and free entry into the 2016 race!


After the awards ceremony, Danelle and I took off down the road to get some distance towards home and got a hotel.

The next day we drove down Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) through Iowa to go by some old haunts. We ended up in Des Moines and visited with Joe, Dawn, Jason, and Brandy. It was awesome seeing our good friends again in their home town. We again made some distance away from town and spent the night in Kirksville, MO.

Our last day driving home had us go through Hannibal, MO. We stopped several times at scenic outlooks to enjoy the view and time with each other.

IMG_20150525_102145 IMG_20150525_102213

This race started on Thursday night and ended on Monday night, but felt like a week long vacation. Of course I love my wife, but this trip reminded me that I really like my wife. I enjoyed hanging out with Danelle the whole trip.We had stuff to talk about and common interests all the time.  I picked the right partner to spend my life with!

Our video of the race start to finish.

Hogan Haake