126th Sunset Race

May 9, 2019

This was our first Sunset Race that almost didn’t happen that wasn’t our choice. We’ve voluntarily skipped when there was too much ice or thunderstorms. But this one was blocked due to flooding.

Jason, JoJo and Melissa looking it over. We walked a ways past the road closed to get to this area.

I checked the hydrant, it was off.

The mud is a bit nuts here!

Eventually, Melissa, JoJo, and I got my aluminum down a hill and in the water to paddle. All was not lost!

Hogan Haake


125th Sunset Race

Our normal monthly paddle on the Meramec river. Some photos of our fun.

Andy Clones playing Humpty Dumpty. This time he didn’t fall or break, but he also didn’t have time to paddle. Still awesome that he came out to see us!

Bernie Arnold brought me a boat to borrow. We paddled for a bit, but he didn’t have time for the official Sunset Race.

Jo Jo in her race boat with Jason behind her. Can’t remember the orange dude, but very cool guy.

I’m in the foreground with Mark in the boat and my wife Danelle getting ready to join us. A real treat for all of us!

Jay Doty in a skin on frame his son made. That boat is fast and lightweight!

Hogan Haake

10 Years of the Sunset Race – 11/8/2018

Today was our 120th Sunset Race. Ten years of going out paddling the second Thursday of the month. Unfortunately, I was very sick that day. There was no way I would be able to paddle, but I drove out with champagne to celebrate before going back home to sleep.

Joe in the front and Jo Jo next to me. We’re the main crew for the Sunset Race. Nobody better to celebrate with!

Hogan Haake

Paddle with Jo Jo – 9/30/2018

Occasionally when the weather is perfect, Jo Jo and I go out paddling because its amazing outside. Today was one of those days. She claims that adventure just happens when I’m around, but I think the river gets all the credit. Today,we found a CRT TV floating in the river. So JoJo held it by the cord and I paddled us to shore. It probably took us 10 minutes to load it into be boat without damaging anything and it barely fit at that. For good measure, we also got a giant tire as well!

The TV was so heavy, we backed my van down the ramp to the water. Then we tipped the canoe to get the TV floating in the water again. The last step was to go knee deep into the water so we didn’t have to bend over to pick up the heavy TV. From there, it went into the back of the van and got placed on top of the tire near the bathroom. The parks trash people have to hate us in the summer, but it sure makes the river look nicer!

Hogan Haake