Christmas Cookie Party – 12/7/2015

Danelle and Sonora went over to Ryan and Ingrid’s house for the annual Christmas cookie party. This year, the party was back at Ingrid’s house (last year at our house due to new babies). The girls did an amazing job baking too many cookies and brought home a tray of too many delicious cookies! Thanks Ingrid!

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Hogan Haake

Jackie’s Wedding – 10/20/2012

Danelle’s cousin, Jackie, was getting married and we were invited. We had the normal preparations with the kids. “Please put on nice pants”, trying to be nice and making it their choice before trying the mean route. Corvin actually did a good job and did it with style.


The wedding was scheduled to be outdoors at the Wyman center in Eureka, MO. Luck shined on the happy couple and the weather was perfect. It was warm outside for October and the leaves were turning perfectly. The shelter overlooked a lake. After the wedding, the kids were ansy and didn’t want to sit still. So I decided to take them for a walk/adventure to help settle them down. We walked down a hill and to the other side of the lake.


After a while, Brian and Kelly came walking down as well and joined us. Having additional people as an audience helped the kids relax. Of course, the only to keep kids happy is to be a little crazy…


The activity that really got the kids going was decorating! Grandma’s car was parked next to our play area. We scooped up leaves and dropped them on top. If we had more time and tools, I believe we could have covered the whole thing!


Grandma didn’t realize what happened when she walked back to her car in the dark, but had to turn on the wipers to see out the window!


Babysitting Nathan – 9/8/2012

Steve and Jackie wanted a night out and I wanted to see my buddy, Nathan. So they brought him over for a night of fun at “Uncle” Hogan’s house. Nathan was ready for me, cause he is walking all over the place now!

The lovely couple looked ready to go, but like all first time parents, had lots of information to help us out Sealed

Nathan seemed to have a great time. He only left me one stinky diaper and went right to sleep. Truly a fun age!