Full Moon Float – 10/23/2018

We love paddling and have tons of equipment, but sometimes you just want to relax. Tonight, Danelle and I had a date night with Mike Clark of Big Muddy Adventures. They offer monthly floats that happen during the full moon. The full moon float includes paddling in a large voyager canoe (about 14 people) and dinner out on the Mississippi river. Add in the full moon, and its an amazing experience!

Danelle and I standing by the river waiting for the start.

One of the voyager canoes that went on the trip.

Another voyager and support boat arrive.

From what I understand, this was a different paddle than the normal full moon float. The Mississippi river is up a bunch, so we had to put in at this ramp on the Missouri river. we paddled out into the confluence of the Mississippi before stopping for dinner on a sand bar.

Dinner here was amazing. The sand bar was big enough for us to all have plenty of space.

The fire was great for cooking dinner and necessary to stay warm. Maybe I’ll dress myself warmer next time!

It was a great night, but unfortunately a weeknight, so we had to call it earlier than any of us wanted as most of us worked the next day. Still an amazing way to get out and see something different!

Hogan Haake

Puddles Pity Party – 10/10/2018

I invited my dad to come into St. Louis to see Puddles Pity Party and he accepted. So I purchased 2 tickets and waited for the anointed day. Dad came into town earlier in the day. We started out going out to dinner at dad’s favorite St. Louis restaurant. After a fantastic dinner, we headed out to the Sheldon concert hall.

If you’re still wondering who Puddles Pity Party is, check out this video that got us into his music.

Anyway, now you have an idea what we’re up against. I didn’t know what to expect for the concert, but the stage was set.

Dad and I in our seats.

Interesting props.

The hall is filling up, its gonna start soon!

Look, its Puddles in the upper deck greeting his fans.

The concert was awesome. He went through a wide range of songs from different eras adapting them to his baritone voice. The best part of the concert came when he was singing and took somebody’s phone that was videoing him. From there, he sang into the phone and walked across the stage. He then traded the phone he was holding with another person’s phone. He probably swapped 20 phones before the song was over. It was funny to watch, but I’m glad my phone wasn’t swapped!

I’m very glad dad came in town to see the show with me. Funny thing is that Puddles played the same concert in KC the next night.

Hogan Haake

Dev Up Conference 10/9/2018

My employer was kind enough to sponsor part of the DevUp conference this year. Additionally, they sent the whole development staff for professional development.

It didn’t take long for us to get seats and get comfortable for the opening Keynote about the future of technology.

Maggie on my right.

Jeff on my left.

They went all out on the opening this year. With a talk about the future, it just made sense to have a DeLorean there!

Of course, it wasn’t all learning, we did stop to have some fun!

Chad showing that cutout what real muscles look like!

A couple of beers!

This was a HUGE Foosball table, we had at least 12 people playing and still had to move to different positions to cover them all!

Chocolate covered bacon, does it get any better?

I did pretty good at this blackjack table. It may have had something to do with the way the dealer dealt his face down card… You would have looked too if it meant winning 🙂

Overall it was a pretty good conference. I had lots more photos including one of a sleeping co-worker. But some people are over sensitive so some things will just have to be remembered!

Ohh, one last note, if you’re reading my blog and you run a conference center (yeah, like anybody is reading this crap), please put your screens up higher. If you’re sitting in the back, important pieces of a visual just become the back of people’s heads!

Hogan Haake



Waterfall – 10/7/2018

We came out to waterfall to do some work today. All four of us came out. I brought the circular saw and the generator, Danelle brought the wire brush and some spray paint. After the requisite mowing/weed wacking, had the place cleared out in no time and were ready for the actual tasks.

Corvin and I went to where the old shed was and fired up the generator. We took turns cutting up long planks and moving the wood over to the burn area. This was hard work and we didn’t take any photos.

Sonora and Danelle prepped the picnic table and painted it. As an added bonus for Sonora some neighborhood cats came over and she got to pet them. Everybody had fun and we got work complete!

Hogan Haake

Paddle with Jo Jo – 9/30/2018

Occasionally when the weather is perfect, Jo Jo and I go out paddling because its amazing outside. Today was one of those days. She claims that adventure just happens when I’m around, but I think the river gets all the credit. Today,we found a CRT TV floating in the river. So JoJo held it by the cord and I paddled us to shore. It probably took us 10 minutes to load it into be boat without damaging anything and it barely fit at that. For good measure, we also got a giant tire as well!

The TV was so heavy, we backed my van down the ramp to the water. Then we tipped the canoe to get the TV floating in the water again. The last step was to go knee deep into the water so we didn’t have to bend over to pick up the heavy TV. From there, it went into the back of the van and got placed on top of the tire near the bathroom. The parks trash people have to hate us in the summer, but it sure makes the river look nicer!

Hogan Haake