Unicycling With Austin – 3/23/2019

Austin Calzada is a young kid that I consider a friend. He recently had an article in the River Front Times about his unicycling. I have a collection of unicycles. He wanted to ride a few, so I brought them all out to play. Here are a few photos and a video of the ride.

Austin on my 36″ wheel.

He said he wants to get a 36″ wheel of his own soon.

All of my unicycles plus Austin’s (the one with the blue rim).

Hogan Haake

Hannah Weekend – 3/22/2019

Hannah came in for a few days during her spring break to hang out with us. Here are some highlights of her visit.

Danelle picked her up from the Amtrak bus (as the tracks were flooded out). From there, they went straight downtown to get photos.

With pictures and food out of the way, there was no time to waste, they were off to a St. Louis Blues game!

Kelly, Hannah, and Danelle at the game.

Hannah and Danelle getting ready!

Danelle and Kelly. Dinner and drinks before the game.

The next day, Hannah, Danelle, and I  went out to Venice Cafe for drinks before going to Frazer’s for dinner. The ladies loved Venice Cafe.

After our fancy dinner, we all went home satisfied. Of course, this is a weekend with Hannah, so there was more fun to be had! We also took her to the Mauhaus Cat Cafe to see more cats.

It never seems to be enough time, but it was better than none. We’re looking forward to the next visit already!

Hogan Haake

Memphis Weekend – 3/16/2019

We took a family weekend to Memphis, TN. We started early Saturday morning and took our new ’07 Camry Hybrid. The kids love this car because of the sun roof and maybe the leather seats. We had a few ideas of what we wanted to see. During the drive, Danelle used the Internet on her phone to do some research. Our first location was “The Fire Museum”. Most of the research pointed this to being a small kids museum, so we passed. We redirected to the “Metal Museum.

The Metal Museum was a huge hit. Here are some of our memories. At first glance, its just social media, but the logos below are made with metal.

Details like this make the museum very cool.

Not all of the museum was great.  The photo below is of some metal needles in somebody’s butt. The kids were not impressed!

Ok, back to reasonable and interesting metal art.

More creative art. And it speaks to me as the Ant is eating a tiny donut.

Interesting old handcuffs.

I can’t imagine making this door. There is a huge amount of detailed work put into this.

I can almost hear the kids saying “Finally”. They expected and wanted to see how the metal work was made. This blacksmith shop did not disappoint. The displays were detailed and a class was going on. This gave us something interesting to watch.

After the blacksmith, we went over and got to see the forge. The lady seen here was pouring brass.

Overlooking the flooded Mississippi river.

Nice family photo.



When we finished up, we left on a high after having a fantastic time. It was time for lunch and we were close to downtown. We forgot that it was St. Patrick’s day. Downtown had a parade and was crazy busy. Eventual, we found “Happy Mexican” restaurant. Everything was good till we got the bill. They added gratuity to the total on the check for a party of 4 and still had a tip line. Its a very deceptive practice that we didn’t appreciate.


After lunch, we decided to go to the “Pink Palace”. It sounded great in the reviews, but was just average to us. Basically a history museum attached to a large pink stone building.

It depends on the light and direction, but it can look pink.

Look, a t-Rex. It was animated and made lots of noise.

Not sure what this is, but the rest of the family liked it.

Some people would say that is enough for one day. Danelle might even agree with you.

With a power nap, we were ready to go again, yep, we’re still on Saturday! We made id back downtown and showed the kids Beal street and the festivities.

Its hard to keep your eyes open when the sun is in them.

We found our way to Old Dominick Distillery and took a tour. While waiting for the tour, we went to the rooftop bar.

Sonora found a friend during the tour…

The brewing vats were interesting.

Fun pipes to make it all happen.

Eventually the taste test. I ended up giving most of my drinks to the couple next to me. I just wasn’t feeling it and I needed to drive.

With the distillery tour over, we raced to the riverfront to see the illuminated bridge. There are supposed to be 100,000 LED lights and you can walk across it. I was grumpy cause I was getting hungry and wanted to see the bridge. I parked where I thought it was and we didn’t find it, but we still had memories.

The lights are on the bridge and it looks good, but we’re not there.

Love these family shots.

Corvin is on top!

We ddn’t give up and eventually found the bridge!

Yep, its a HUGE bridge, and tons of lights!

We walked half way across the  bridge. Corvin and I each decided to take a different state.

Not to be outdone, the girls did the same thing, but got the other lighted bridge in their photo!

Seriously, its still Saturday. We picked a pizza place for dinner that was near our hotel. We ordered an appetizer to eat there and two pizzas to go. The appetizer was ok, but we were still  hungry. It took over an hour to finally get our pizza and we were so done for the day. Eventually we got back to the hotel and ate our pizza. Sonora and I found the pizza below average. Corvin and Danelle liked theirs.

Sunday was our last day in Memphis before coming home. Our plan was to go to Mud Island. We were under the impression that they were open at 9 am, giving us time to sleep in. We got there about 8:45 and found prime parking. We had the whole place to ourselves.

Mud Island is a model of the Mississippi river starting at the headwaters and going to the ocean.

The kids are removing sticks and leaves that are blocking the flow of the river.

This is supposed to be the headwaters, but it isn’t full yet, seems like its the first weekend it was really open.

Danelle and Sonora were splashing water into the back pools.

More splashing.

I climbed up high and got this overhead shot.

Looking downstream.

We left the kids to do whatever they wanted and walked some distance away. It made it us happy to see the kids playing together and having a good time separate from us. We loved our time there, but after almost 4 hours playing, it was time to back to St. Louis.

Of an interesting note, Corvin drive the first leg home. We learned that the A/C doesn’t work in the new car. Also as he was going north on I-55, I noticed traffic stopped and yelled stop 3 times before he really started to stop. There was construction that had traffic stopped. He’s still a new [permit] driver and would not have noticed until it was too late. I’m glad that I was still paying attention.

A perfect weekend to be together as a family.

Hogan Haake


Helping Henry Move – 3/2/2019

Henry postponed moving into his new house twice for weather and this was the last straw. He was moving on Sunday cause he had the day off and some friends lined up. I was invited, but across the state. On a whim, I decided the weather stunk in St. Louis and decided to help Henry instead of going to Mardi Gras.I called Hiatt and got him to agree to help. Henry couldn’t move till Sunday, but I convinced him to let us move him on Saturday while he worked. Sonora and I drove to KC (Corvin had something and Danelle was with him) Friday night.

First thing Saturday, Dad and I picked up a 26′ moving truck and went to the storage area to start unloading it. Hiatt was there. Tom and Matt showed up shortly later.

Hiatt and dad in the elevator at the storage place.

Sonora and me hanging out.

Henry made a juke box in high school and its finally leaving my parents house!

Dad the consummate manager 🙂

A look at the end of Henry’s driveway.

This weekend, Jane and Joan were in town. So we got a few parts of the family together.

Tom, mom, Jane, Joan all together.

The pictures distracted me. We did two full loads on Saturday without Henry. We left a full truck at Henry’s house to unload first thing Sunday. By Sunday, we were all starting to drag. Probably staying out late at Henry’s house Saturday didn’t help.

Jane and Joan celebrating their birthdays at Henry’s house with a “Lake Cake” family recipe.

Henry’s friends showed up Sunday as we finished unloading the final load. Dad and I took off to return the truck so I could start driving back to St. Louis. We all pulled together to do something awesome for a family member! I was glad to help, and glad to be home!

Hogan Haake