Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/6/2019

Corvin and Danelle got up super early and got sunrise photos at Angel Point. I slept in till 7 when I also woke up Sonora. Corvin and I did our unicycle ride for Arizona on the road. I had some issues with the hills as we started mostly straight up hill. The elevation was around 8,500 feet. We finished our ride and saw lots of surprised faces as they realized what we were doing.

Once back, we packed up camp and site. We left a bit early and headed out to Angel point all together to check it out.

It may sound silly, but we finally had enough of the amazing sites and headed out. We drove straight for Parumph, NV as our stop for the night. Along the way, we stopped at the Nevada state line for a photo. Then again at the Virgin Valley High School so Corvin could do a track workout. He got 3 laps around the track (1 for me) and lots of pushups before being done. The temperature during the workout was 102 F with no shade. Its hard to argue with the view.

We spent the night at the Saddle West Hotel Casino RV Resort. The casino sucks and the rooms are dark. During the STL Blues Hockey game (they won), Corvin and I did laundry across the street and ordered pizza. We brought it all back in just over an hour. Now its time for bed. Death Valley, CA waits for us tomorrow morning.

Hogan Haake

Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/5/2019

Slow start today. We got up and went grocery shopping. Then we headed straight for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Okay, we made a pit stop at Horseshoe Bend. Its a total tourist trap. Sweet views, but too many people.

It might have been more impressive if we hadn’t seen Goosenecks the day before. We also made a pit stop at Navajo Bridge. Its a pedestrian bridge that goes out over the Colorado river. I’m normally not one for sunglasses, but the sun was so bright here, I wished that I had some when we went out on the bridge!

Eventually, drove on to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

It is a very remote location that you have to want to get to. Its a 4 hour drive from this location to the south rim. We reserved a campsite back in February 2019 and had been patiently waiting to camp. We  pitched our tent right away. They were having water issues, so it was just port o potties for us. Corvin and I opted for a short 9 mile hike out to a scenic point (Uncle Jim Trail). Along the way, talked to a couple that said they never found the point nor the people shortly behind them. We went anyway and found it easily. Not just that, but the view was outstanding!!!

On the way back, we were not quite done hiking, so we started down the North Kaibab trail. We learned later that this trail is the one that allows you to hike from the north to the south rim. Its about 26 miles one way. We only went for about 30 minutes down, and wanted to explore longer! Overall a 9 mile hike that evening.

While we were out hiking, Danelle and Sonora relaxed at the campsite. They started the fire and cooked our hot dog dinner.

It gets dark quickly and it was cold enough that we all slept quite good that night!

Hogan Haake