Garden Glow – 11/20/2015

We took the Neimeyers with us. It was the standard fare of walking around looking at lights. Jeff and I hung out a bunch making fantasy football jokes to each other. Then we took some family photos and went home.

IMG_20151120_193807 IMG_20151120_193839 IMG_20151120_194324 IMG_20151120_195747 IMG_20151120_211022

We ended up using a photo of us in the globe on our Christmas card this year.

Hogan Haake

Garden Glow – 11/21/2014

The Missouri Botanical Garden put out their annual Christmas Light and we decided to grace them with our presence. It was extremely cold outside, but it was still crowded. Corvin and I were not completely in the mood to visit that night, so we were not quite up to the Christmas spirit. I wasn’t thinking straight when we left and didn’t dress warm enough, so I was cold most of the time.

That didn’t stop Danelle from capturing some great photos of the light exhibits.



This year, the had the tunnel of light, but learned from last year, that some of us can’t handle the lights and would prefer to walk around. So Danelle and Sonora went through while Corvin and I walked around.


My favorite thing was a shadow projected onto a building by a nearby statue.


Its always fun to watch the kids play with the magnets and make their own snowmen.

IMG_8466 IMG_8467

Generally, I find this to be expensive and cold, but as long as Danelle can get us in free, we’ll keep going!

Hogan Haake