Making Dessert – 2/21/2013

We needed some family time. I figured the best way to do that was to do something together that the kids would enjoy. Making dessert kept the kid’s interest, and they got to eat their work when they were done. We decided to make fruit pockets.We started by making the crust. We may have cheated and used a pie crust mix, but I”m not telling.

We”ll skip to the good part, rolling out the crust and putting it into the shaper. From there a few spoonfuls of the fruit mix and it was nearly complete.

With the dessert formed, it goes on a pan and gets a butter/egg mix pasted on top before its cooked.

Once it cooks for about 10 minutes, they are ready to eat.


Hogan Haake

Dessert Anyone?

In an effort to keep my house fun, I always try to do things to make my friends and family smile. This day would be no exception. Brian and Kelly came over to visit us. I believe they were coming to show off Kelly’s baby bump. I decided to present them with dessert to ensure the baby’s continued health. I know how pregnant ladies can crave things in mass quantities, so I went to work to outdo myself!

I ended up with a treat that made them smile. At this point, the only way to outdo myself would be to fill up a swimming pool 🙂

I took the photo above as they were leaving. If you can’t figure it out, its the reflection of the TV through the glass I was taking the picture of.