Don Robinson With Danelle – 11/18/2018

I’ve heard from outdoor friends about Don Robinson State park. It has an interesting history from an interesting guy. Don bought land trying to create a place the size of Central Park in New York City. Don Robinson is 800 acres while Central Park is slightly bigger. The hiking trails are supposed to be good and I wanted to go somewhere to hang out with Danelle.

We took the blue trail (LaBarque Hills Trail) since it is shorter. Due to the mud, it was quite difficult to get through some places, but we didn’t mind the challenge.

The hike was great and the views perfect. Its pretty amazing how different this landscape is, being less than an hour from St. Louis! It was even better getting to spend a quite morning with the woman that I love.

Hogan Haake

Sofa Repair – 11/10/2018

I don’t remember how many years we’ve had our sectional sofa, but it has to be getting close to 10 years. Its taken a lot of abuse from the kids. Lots of climbing over and sitting down hard. Eventually some wood broke and it wasn’t providing the support it was supposed to. Furniture is too expensive to replace unless you have to, so we had to do something. Ok, Danelle did something and I just supervised.

Danelle found the broken board on the back of the sofa. She determined that the only way to get to the broken board was from the cushion area. So the sofa got rolled over and we found a 2×4 that could be screwed in to bridge the gap of the broken board.

It was  decided after much trial that one of our clamps could be used to hold the broken piece and the 2×4 up in position while the screws were added.

I can report that its been a bit since the repair and it is holding up nicely!

Hogan Haake


New Microwave – 12/27/2018

Our microwave gave out. The light comes on and it makes noise, but nothing gets heated. So its time to put a new one in. We’re cheap, so we’ll do it ourselves. Step one was to remove the old one. This was of course the easy part. then we (Danelle) had to measure and prepare for the new one.

Here is is ready to put in. You can see the original color of the kitchen here.

And a brace to hold it in is installed.

Then we have only to unbox and install.The finished product.

There is a 1/8 inch gap at the top where it doesn’t meet the cabinets, but we’re happy.

Hogan Haake


Full Moon Float – 10/23/2018

We love paddling and have tons of equipment, but sometimes you just want to relax. Tonight, Danelle and I had a date night with Mike Clark of Big Muddy Adventures. They offer monthly floats that happen during the full moon. The full moon float includes paddling in a large voyager canoe (about 14 people) and dinner out on the Mississippi river. Add in the full moon, and its an amazing experience!

Danelle and I standing by the river waiting for the start.

One of the voyager canoes that went on the trip.

Another voyager and support boat arrive.

From what I understand, this was a different paddle than the normal full moon float. The Mississippi river is up a bunch, so we had to put in at this ramp on the Missouri river. we paddled out into the confluence of the Mississippi before stopping for dinner on a sand bar.

Dinner here was amazing. The sand bar was big enough for us to all have plenty of space.

The fire was great for cooking dinner and necessary to stay warm. Maybe I’ll dress myself warmer next time!

It was a great night, but unfortunately a weeknight, so we had to call it earlier than any of us wanted as most of us worked the next day. Still an amazing way to get out and see something different!

Hogan Haake

Who Bakes A Shoe Anyway? – 9/3/2018

We’ve been watching episodes of Netflix’s Nailed It recently. For those that haven’t see it before, the premise is simple. A professional baker is invited on the show and bakes a cake like item that they are famous for. Then they bring in 3 contestants that are not as talented and have them try to reproduce the baked good in a very short amount of time. They are set up to fail from the start, making it quite humorous.

This got Danelle thinking about baking her own item. She would give herself unlimited time. She felt she could do a great job, so it was decided to make a cake for Corvin’s birthday. Since he’s running Cross Country, she though a running shoe would be a good challenge!

Just after baking the cake, here is the start. It doesn’t look like much and I was quite skeptical.

Patterns were made to help it take the correct shape.

She wasn’t excited about using rolled fondant, so she made marshmallow fondant.

Then I went away and came back and it looked awesome!

Pretty much finished. Never expected it to be this good!

Some fancy cupcakes to go with it.

Corvin finally getting his cake.

Hogan Haake