Dad Returns Truck – 9/17/2016

Last year about this time, I lent my brother Herman my truck. I didn’t know how long he would have it, but I was willing to help him out of a bind. About a year later, he got his own truck and didn’t need mine anymore. I was quite excited to pick it up. Instead, dad surprised me by driving it to a meeting half way across the state. Then coming the rest of the way across to St. Louis to drop it off and have a weekend with us. Unfortunately for Sonora, she was at a Girl Scout camping trip and didn’t get to see Grandpa Monster at all.

After dad came in and got settled, he and Corvin played some music together! img_20160917_095628 img_20160917_095650

Saturday night, dad and I went out to hang out. Come Sunday, we had a very busy schedule. We started off going out to check out Waterfall, dad had never seen it before. On the way out, I though it would be need to show him some of the sites. Rockford beach park has a neat water feature that I though he would like.  On the way into the park, we found a nice turtle in the road.

img_20160917_114114 img_20160917_114133

I didn’t realize till we got closer that it was a snapping turtle! They not only look vicious, but it was fast and nearly jumped at us if we got too close. After a few moments, we drove away leaving it to do whatever they do all day long. The Big River was up, nearly flooding out the park, but it was still cool to see.


Eventually, Dad, Corvin, and I got to Waterfall and walked around. Dad even walked down the large hill to see it all!

img_20160917_122227_1 img_20160917_121356 img_20160917_122203

After we left Waterfall, we went to another bridge to look around and then headed home. Dad saw the signs for Lone Elk Park and we ended up taking a driving detour of the park. All this time, Corvin slept in the back seat.


Somehow we ended up at the Kirkwood Greentree festival next. We walked around and got food which made Corvin quite happy. Eventually we met up with Grandpa Henry and gave him a ride home, but not before eating a deep fried Twinkie!

img_20160917_145332 img_20160917_155443

Unfortunately, Sunday came too quickly and we dropped dad off at the Amtrak station to ride back to Kansas City. We had a fantastic time and already miss him!

img_20160918_092739 img_20160918_092742

Hogan Haake

Kansas City Weekend – 5/27/2016

We went to Kansas City to visit my family again. The first site we had was of Henry’s mustang on jack stands in the driveway. This is amusing because Herman’s mustang is also on jack stands in the garage. Seems to be a theme. img_20160527_171609

It is worth noting that Henry’s car was self inflicted as he choose to make some upgrades. They just happened to take longer than expected!

We learned that Peaches likes wine!


And this will likely be as close as I can ever get to getting my dad to pose with a Jayhawk!


If you’re a fan of the movies, you’ll notice that the Haake clan is going to be in the next X-Men movie!


And the kids wanted to show off their unicycle skills for the grandparents.

img_20160528_162102 img_20160528_162051

Hogan Haake

Sonora’s Birthday – 5/14/2016

Okay, so its one day early, but its hard not to celebrate when your grandparents are in town just for you’re birthday!


And they are watching Sonora blow out the candles on her cookie cake.


And no birthday for a kid is complete without a present or two!


We took a trip to the botanical garden to look around. On the way back to the car, we also checked out Gringo Jones Imports. Mom and dad bought a few things and enjoyed walking around all of the items for sale!


Hogan Haake

KC Christmas – 12/19/2015

We went to Kansas City to see my parents and siblings. Henry and Herman were working a temp job to help out a friend and make some money. They worked at Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. They were helping in the shipping department getting all of the holiday orders out.  We went to visit and buy a loaf or two of their bread. The store is also the factory, making the bread. The whole area is surrounded by windows so we could watch the process of them making the bread.

IMG_20151219_112455 IMG_20151219_112459

After lots of good bread and company we wended up going back to St. Louis at the end of the weekend. My dad followed us back to town with us and we met Hayden at my house. He got presents dropped off for his family and then we all went out to eat lunch before parting ways.

Bandana’s BBQ is where we ended up. We got a large table and sat down for the meal. But not before I tried to take advantage of one of the greatest meal deals ever!


I tried to order all 5 meals for under $6, but the server said that it was only 1 meal for that price. She wasn’t hearing any of my argument or offering to have the signs changed. We all had a good laugh.


Hogan Haake

Strange Donuts – 7/11/2014

Dad came in town to visit us for a day. its always great to see him. For breakfast, I took him to the only place I could think of that is just like him, Strange Donuts. As their name would suggest, they make strange donuts!


What is amazing about this shop in Maplewood, MO, is that they change their menu very often. While we where there, we got a laugh when the phone rang and the employee picked it up. “Thanks for calling Strange Donuts, we sell donuts to people.” That greeting amused us both. So we got a box of their finest and headed back to my house to enjoy. If you want donuts, they are the place to go!

Hogan Haake