Webster Groves Pops Concert – 2/20/2019

Welcome to the 2019 Webster Groves Pops Concert. Dad was able to come in town to see the concert before making a quick exit the next day.

Corvin on the bass, back row third from right.

Sonora on violin, back row second chair.

What concert would be complete without ice cream or McDonald’s for those not willing to wait in line!

Hogan Haake

Puddles Pity Party – 10/10/2018

I invited my dad to come into St. Louis to see Puddles Pity Party and he accepted. So I purchased 2 tickets and waited for the anointed day. Dad came into town earlier in the day. We started out going out to dinner at dad’s favorite St. Louis restaurant. After a fantastic dinner, we headed out to the Sheldon concert hall.

If you’re still wondering who Puddles Pity Party is, check out this video that got us into his music.

Anyway, now you have an idea what we’re up against. I didn’t know what to expect for the concert, but the stage was set.

Dad and I in our seats.

Interesting props.

The hall is filling up, its gonna start soon!

Look, its Puddles in the upper deck greeting his fans.

The concert was awesome. He went through a wide range of songs from different eras adapting them to his baritone voice. The best part of the concert came when he was singing and took somebody’s phone that was videoing him. From there, he sang into the phone and walked across the stage. He then traded the phone he was holding with another person’s phone. He probably swapped 20 phones before the song was over. It was funny to watch, but I’m glad my phone wasn’t swapped!

I’m very glad dad came in town to see the show with me. Funny thing is that Puddles played the same concert in KC the next night.

Hogan Haake

St. Louis 6th Grade All Suburban Orchestra

Sonora was recommended by her music teacher to participate in the St. Louis All Suburban Orchestra. This involved her learning new music on her own and going to several practices after hours with the rest of the group. We were lucky that my parents were able to come in from Kansas City for the weekend to see the concert!

It didn’t take dad long to fall asleep 🙂

And the concert!

Later that evening, we all visited Henry and Carol’s house to play games.

And before they left, mom had some fun with Coat Rack.

A great weekend of music and family!

Hogan Haake

Painting Hiatt’s House – 9/2/2017

Like any good fool, I often volunteer myself for work that I don’t have to do. In this case, my brother Hiatt was talking about his house needing to be painted. I suggested that he schedule it for Labor Day weekend so we had an extra day. He of course obliged and I was not going to paint for my holiday weekend. Anything for family and friends! Danelle and Corvin couldn’t make it due to Corvin’s soccer schedule (and we could have used her help!).

Of course if you’re getting help from me, I’m going to do things my way within reason. Here are some photos of the events.

We had a fun and hard weekend and got most of the house painted.

Hogan Haake

Herman Graduation – 12/30/2016

While we were in KC for Christmas,  we realized that we would be coming back a week later for Herman’s Graduation from the police academy. The kids asked if they could stay for the week and I asked mom. She was delighted at having the kids for the week and said she would take care of their laundry and have a great time. Everybody was excited with this arrangement. Danelle and I enjoyed our few days off from being parents, but we were happy to come back and see the kids!

Every good party has great food and cake and this was no exception. The cake was custom made with Herman’s face on it.

The food was quite good too. Dianna, one of Hannah’s friends couldn’t get enough of it!

We came in town in time to be of some help before Herman’s party. Since we’re Haake’s, we have a sense of humor. We got 36 glazed donuts for a game during the party (with Herman’s blessing). Eventually party time came and lots of people came over to celebrate.

Everybody worked down to the basement for the donut/Piñata game. Here, people were handcuffed with real handcuffs and blindfolded. Then they had to eat a donut hanging from a string. Its much harder than it looks. Half the fun was viewing the different methods for eating a moving donut.

 And if you still are not sure, watch the video below to see Corvin and Dan Haake try it out.

Hogan Haake