Cold Cross Country – 10/26/2019

The Webster Groves XC team had their last full team meet for the year. After this, just the varsity and alternates would continue the season. In a interesting end to the season for most of the team, the weather was around 40 F and it rained the whole event. Here are a few photos of the near flood conditions!

Corvin going back to the orange Webster tent after his run.

And video of the run.

Hogan Haake

Corvin XC – 9/14/2019

As our 3rd meet of the year just one week after the glory that was the Fort Zumwalt North race we were on a high with other teams wondering if Webster would rock like we did a week earlier. As I had been moved onto Varsity the stakes were much higher but you cant let nerves get to you. Charlie got out a little behind all the racers that pushed too hard at the beginning but that didn’t stop him from joining the top pack after the first 200m. Ray got out great and was in a great position to be in the lead for that race, with Evan and Brett closely following. I was trailing in the back with Andrew and Jack.

This race had someone that made my veins pure fire, because at the two mile mark he was close to medaling and spread his arms like he was making the Y in the song Y.M.C.A. (I don’t know his name only his actions). This gave me motivation like nothing before because I wouldn’t let myself get beat by someone that celebrated mid-race. I passed him later in the race and ended up not being in the top 30! Another curse of the course was the two 180ยบ turns within the closing 1000m.

I had managed to keep the race close with me thinking “I’m so close to Brett if I can only get closer” and that was another motivating factor.

After the race Coach Petter gave us a good productive talk about race day strategies and getting out good.

Hardware aquired

Corvin Haake

Corvin XC At Blackburn – 9/7/2019

The Webster Groves invitational at Blackburn park, was the first XC race of the 2019 season, and was a great start to the monumental season. The varsity race was first and I got to watch my guys go out with a bang and get first place as a team with all 7 guys getting a medal. Then the JV race arrived which I knew was going to be hard since it’s Blackburn, but since I hadn’t raced yet in the season there was no concept of what time to run.

This lead me to start out a little conservative, but after the first mile I was in the top pack of three or four guys and was slowly moving up.

But leading into the second lap I was leading the pack with an ever growing lead. By the time we were nearing the final stretch there were three guys on my trail.

But as we got to the final stretch there was a little more juice to give, leading to me giving one last kick ending me a spot in second place. After the final race of the day we headed into the awards ceremony and after collecting the hardware, the team got some wacky/fun pictures.

Corvin Haake