Kids and Friends – 10/7/2017

We had a Groupon for bowling with 6 people. The kids each wanted to invite a friend and before we knew it, the kids each had two friends. So Danelle and I decided to watch while the kids and their friends had fun.

Before I knew it, all four friends were spending the night.

Lucky for us the friends are well behaved and the evening went well!

Hogan Haake

Mississippi River Trail with Corvin – 9/7/2017

I drug Corvin out for his longest unicycle ride ever on the MRT (just over 8 miles). We probably walked a mile, but it was still worth it to spend time with him and get better riding.

Just after the half way point, we switched with me on the 29″ and Corvin on my 36″. I love seeing him cruise at speed and did my best to keep up with him.

Hogan Haake

August – 2017

Another good unicycling month even including the family.

I also caught the awards ceremony for the MR340, cheering on my friends!

It wouldn’t be a little adventure with some adversity. On my ride home, the throttle cable on the motorcycle broke on the highway. It was a bit of a close call coasting to a safe place to pull over, but I had some help from a fellow traveler. Almost 2 hours later, I made it home.

Hiatt and Kris came in for a baseball game and good fun was had all around.

Hogan Haake

Solar Eclipse at Waterfall – 8/21/2017

We took the kids out of school and invited some SLU students to come out to Waterfall to enjoy the event with us. It was away from civilization and promised to have a decent view. Our property was in the path of the totality, making it a perfect viewing spot! We decided to spend the night before at the property and had a few others join us.

With the morning of the eclipse at hand, more people started showing up. All told, we had around 20 people come out to see it, including my parents

We put up a slack line in the only place we had available and made the most of it. I even got my mom up on it.

The eclipse was going to start after lunch, so we all hung around in the shade eating way too much lunch and snacks!

Here is what the eclipse festivities looked like getting ready.

And a few leading up to the eclipse, with a filter on the camera of course…

My favorite photos came during the totality. For about 60 seconds, you could uncover your eyes and get a glimpse directly at the sun. The most important thing was not to wait too long before looking away, cause it ended quick!

And finally if you’re still reading, stop and watch a video of the madness. Its stop motion for the hour leading up to the eclipse. Unfortunately the battery died before it started.

Hogan Haake