Corvin on the giraffe unicycle – 3/21/2020

We purchased a giraffe unicycle that is 5 feet high. It got the needed repairs and was ready to ride, but we wanted to wait till Corvin was out of his sports seasons to ensure if he got hurt it didn’t interfere.

You’re unlikely to see video of him solo mounting this unicycle as its significantly harder than a normal unicycle! I have to help him get up. However, once he is up, its easy and he is riding like normal.


February – 2020

We don’t seem to do as much in the winter months, but that is ok. We spent a lot of time playing with Brawndo and watching him grow up!

Richard tried to ride the unicycle in the office. I think he is the closest of anybody to getting hurt!

And Corvin playing in the sand.

Hogan Haake

New Orleans – 2/16/2020

As part of our 48 Wheels unicycle trip, we ended up in the fine town of New Orleans. This city is very old and quite interesting. It started off with us trying to find a parking place. I didn’t realize during my planning that this was the weekend before Mardi Gras. There were already large parades and gatherings all over. Driving into the French Quarter was totally a mistake!

In an effort to park, I was driving my 1 week old Rav4 through a parking lot when Corvin directed me to re-loop the lot to exit out another place to get away. During that turn a sign stating “Nipple Glitter” fell on the car making the first scratch of my new car 🙁

Eventually we found a parking spot and walked back to the French Quarter and Burbon street. We had to walk around/through a parade to get there. Its hard to read Corvin’s response to it all as there was a lot to take in. Eventually, we sat down in an upstairs restaurant to get some local food.

As we ate, we watched the street to see all of the people out and about. What we saw next, I can only describe as “Victor’s Angels”…

Eventually our meal finished and we walked back towards the car so we could get our Louisiana unicycle ride done. On the way, we saw one of my unlucky signs.

I tried to apply for a job, but was turned down because I was overqualified.

Our time came to an end and we did the responsible thing and went for our unicycle ride. It was nearly 9 years (minus 1 week) since I had last been in New Orleans and I hope I can visit again before 9 more years go by.

Hogan Haake