Tracey’s Birthday Bash – 6/3/2017

We got the invite to Tracey Semelsberger’s birthday bash. They’re great friends and we didn’t want to miss it! As a bonus, she and her husband Jack are fantastic musicians. Many of their musical friends showed up and had a jam session!

Tracey the birthday girl

And as an extra bonus, I recorded a small portion of the music!

Hogan Haake

Corvin’s Orchestra Concert – 12/14/2016

The day after Sonora’s concert, Corvin had one of his own. Danelle and Sonora decided to warm up by the fire before we went into the concert. Glad they didn’t burn themselves!

Unfortunately, Corvin plays the bass and we often forget to bring the good camera, so you can’t really see him in the back right, but he is there!

If you’re still here reading this, its best to just listen to the group play, not too shabby!

Hogan Haake