Coatrack In The Van

Coatrack, our large tuxedo colored cat is still very new to us. We’ve had him for a year and I don’t remember him ever going in the car except when we brought him home and maybe a followup vet trip. So I brought him with Corvin and I for a quick out and back trip. He was very curious at first as most cats are.

The silly guy climbed all around, even ending up on the dash!

His eagerness quickly wore off and he was generally unsettled. When I brought him back in the house, he was much happier!

Hogan Haake

Sonora’s New Floor – 12/2/2018

Earlier in the week, Danelle and I were at Lowes and came across some extremely discounted flooring. Sonora has wanted a wood floor in her room for a while, so we decided to give it a go. We started Friday night ripping out all of the existing carpet in her room. Then we had to remove the tack strips and staples that didn’t come up with the carpet. Now we’re starting from a bare floor in an empty room. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but we finished by Sunday night and moved all of the furniture back in her room. Also keep in mind we did other things this weekend. It looks hard, but with Danelle, you can do almost anything!

Cats will sit wherever its inconvenient. I think this is a law.

Danelle trimming up a board.

Sonora approves of the first few rows.

Looking rather complete.

Transitions like doors are the hardest part!

Measure once, cut twice?

A look at the gap. The quarter round will cover it all up.

Coatrack is new and the family can’t get enough of him!

Didn’t get any finished photos, but I promise we finished in a weekend!

Hogan Haake

November – 2017

There were lots of photos of Coatrack this month. I’ll only make you look at one 🙂

There were some abnormally warm days and I ended up in a sleeveless shirt after a walk with the family. Danelle deemed it “No Sleeve November”.

And of course, lots of unicycle riding!

Hogan Haake


Coatrack – 10/28/2017

The family got a new kitten today. In order to get the kitten, they had to agree to three simple rules.

  1. The name must be Coatrack
  2. The cat must be a Maine Coon
  3. Dad doesn’t have to clean the litterboxes.

With those three simple rules agreed to, we brought Coatrack home. If you’re wondering, the name comes from a joke with my dad (Grandpa Monster). My sister Hannah brought home a stuffed cat and couldn’t come up with a name, so dad named it coatrack and it stuck.

Hogan Haake