Cliff Cave Park Ride – 5/30/2017

We decided to have a family bike trip. OK, Corvin was not there, but Danelle and Sonora were. I picked Cliff cave cause it has a nice flat lower section and though it would be nice and easy for all of us.

The first thing I noticed when I came into the park was that it was under construction. It was always a bit dangerous, but that was part of the excitement for going there. I didn’t get any photos cause I was driving and was in shock at all of the trees that were cleared. The cliff part that was always just fine was now labeled as unsafe/no trespassing.

Enough of the bad stuff. It didn’t take long during the ride to realize that we may not be able to go very far, the recent flooding left the park with lots of water in various places that would normally be dry.

In the photo above, there is a clear line in the trees showing how high the water had been during the recent flooding.

I’m working on my unicycle skills, so I decided to ride in harder mud filled areas of the trail to get better. They say if you’re not falling, you’re not getting better. So maybe I’m better?

Hogan Haake

Cliff Cave – 3/15/2015

Danelle needed some quite time in the office to study for school. I decided the best way to achieve that was to take the kids out to a park. I had not been to Cliff Cave park in quite some time and decided that would be our best choice. It didn’t take long for us to get off the beaten path.

IMG_20150315_150638 IMG_20150315_150846 IMG_20150315_150851

We enjoyed playing down by the river and the parked barge. Of course when we did climb up to the cliff, the kids scared me tons just being close to the edge. We all emerged safe and sound and mom got tons of homework done!


Hogan Haake