Christmas in Kansas City – 12/22/2017

We went to Kansas City for Christmas. We decided to take our time  coming into town. We left St. Louis on Friday morning and took a leisurely drive out US Highway 50 stopping in Jefferson City. First stop was the river.

With almost no complaints, Corvin and Sonora put their coats on and walked down to the river to take it all in. And maybe to throw rocks as well 🙂

After the river, we met Sean and Jennifer for lunch. We don’t get to Jeff City to see them enough, so it was great to stop by and catch up with them!

Eventually, we found our way to Kansas City where the fun began!

If anybody wasn’t sure where I get all of my fun from, the two photos above of my parents should give you some idea!

Peaches on the left and Heidi on the right.

As an extra bonus, Holly and Lindsay were able to come in town for a while! We missed David and Jim, but made the most of the time we had with the girls!

We even made it in time for the annual Christmas party on my dad’s side.

Back at my parents, the presents flowed and the kids glowed.

Henry continued some demolition on his old car engine.

Ohh look, its only 365 days till Christmas!

And most important of all, we have to sing our traditional song before we can open presents!

Hogan Haake


Christmas in KC – 12.22.2011

If there is one things that the kids love, its sleeping on cots! Christmas can be a busy time at my parents house, so we just make room wherever we fit.

The real magic of this gathering is just being around family. There is comfort in long talks into the night about the state of the family and the world surrounding us. Corvin wants to be just like dad, so he tries to juggle oranges like his dad used to do in the kitchen. Only the story goes that I used eggs and broke a few…

In an effort to bring extra joy to the season, I decided to make a HUGE quantity of whiskey balls! I used extra strong wiskey which sort of ruined it…

While we were in town, I helped Hiatt and Herman work on their vehicles. In Haake fashion, only one of the two auto projects worked. But the one that did work only did so by the guidance of a collision shop full of tools and knowledge (thanks Mike)!