Cleaning the Funky Warehouse – 12/29/2016

The date is getting closer to the Amazon Event and there is still lots to do. Danelle made it out with me today to work on the Funky Warehouse. JoJo set each of us up with different jobs so we were all working all over the warehouse. As we completed our work, Andy wanted to know if we could go check out the basement. Eventually, a group of us were down there. We found three large signs that said “The Shoe”, “WARE”, and “HOUSE”.  We started cheering from the basement. Eventually it was decided we would take the time to bring the signs up from the basement.

With a  little cleanup, the signs cleaned up nicely and needed to be displayed!

It was decided that they should be put up high and safe out of the way. So we took down the wave and put the signs up high!

It didn’t take long to bring all of our tasks together and hang out!

Our teamwork made the job much easier!

Hogan Haake

April – 2016

We’re shaking off the winter as the sun is coming out more. Grandma Carol with Danelle and Sonora in the kitchen all smiles!


And if you didn’t know it was warm yet, you can tell by the number of unicycle photos I’ve taken, getting out as much as possible!

Riding in the bike lane during rush hour.

Riding in the bike lane during rush hour.


With the kids at Creve Couer lake for a lap around.

With the kids at Creve Couer lake for a lap around.


Hogan Haake

Sunday with Family – 3/27/2016

I got up early with the desire to make cinnamon rolls. So I got started and ended up with a pan looking like so!


Later in the day, we ended up visiting Henry and Carol to hang out. The kids spent some time together blowing bubbles, but the rain kept us mostly indoors.

IMG_20160327_152320 IMG_20160327_153123

A nice Sunday to spend with family!