Meramec Flood – 4/30/2017

The Meramec is flooding to record levels again. Here is the first of three outings documenting it. This one is with JoJo, Andy, and myself.  Since we parked in a flooded area, we always stayed in site of the cars to make sure we could have a quick exit.

Parking at Greentree where we normally paddle, there is only an island of dry space left.

Probably shouldn’t drive through here, but I’m very familiar with the place as I paddle here every month.

Andy sitting in the front.

A gazebo nearby for reference.

JoJo in her whitewater boat ready for anything (even though we stayed well out of the river and focused on the calm flooded area).

Hogan and Andy standing on the last land here for a week.

The bathroom in the background will go 100% underwater in a few days.

Wonder what she is thinking.

Yep, its time to leave. When I parked here, all of my van tires were (barely) on dry pavement. For the hour we were out it rose several inches.

Warehouse Cleaning – 1/1/2017

There is nothing better than starting the new year off cleaning. Okay, maybe lots of things, but this year we were helping JoJo out. The floor of the warehouse needed cleaning badly and we were smart enough to volunteer. So after showing up, we messed around a bit while we got our act together.

Andy measuring and texting the size of the I-beam for a custom projector mount.

Once the work started, we used a hose on full power to spray water on the floor. Two people with brooms to mix the dirt and water together and two people with shop vacs to get the water out. It was hard work that didn’t lend any time towards taking photos of the actual work. Each bucket of water that was dumped came out a soupy grey color. None of us would have eaten off of the floor when we were done. But the warehouse was much cleaner when we were done!

Hogan Haake

Cleaning the Funky Warehouse – 12/29/2016

The date is getting closer to the Amazon Event and there is still lots to do. Danelle made it out with me today to work on the Funky Warehouse. JoJo set each of us up with different jobs so we were all working all over the warehouse. As we completed our work, Andy wanted to know if we could go check out the basement. Eventually, a group of us were down there. We found three large signs that said “The Shoe”, “WARE”, and “HOUSE”.  We started cheering from the basement. Eventually it was decided we would take the time to bring the signs up from the basement.

With a  little cleanup, the signs cleaned up nicely and needed to be displayed!

It was decided that they should be put up high and safe out of the way. So we took down the wave and put the signs up high!

It didn’t take long to bring all of our tasks together and hang out!

Our teamwork made the job much easier!

Hogan Haake

Race To The Dome – 10/9/2016

Race To The Dome is an annual canoe and kayak race benefiting and run by Missouri River Relief. Its a great time to see lots of local paddlers and friends on the river.  In order to get to the race on time, JoJo and Andy got to my house shortly after 4am for the drive out. The plan was to get to the start and drop off the boats and gear. Then I would drive to the finish (Noreen Access) in Jeff City for a shuttle back to the start.

As we approached the access point, fog from the river rolled in thick. We ended up driving very slow as visibility was probably 100 feet. When we got to the river, we unloaded much faster than normal for us. It was very cold, so I left Andy with my rain suit pants to help keep him warm and headed out. With Google as my navigator, I had a spirited solo drive in and out of fog. I arrived with plenty of time to spare. Here are some photos of the cold morning with the fog already lifting.

The bus ride was nice (something you don’t hear often). I got to know several local competitors better. One gentleman is an expat from Great Brittan that has a dock repair company at Lake of The Ozarks. He told many stories of diving year round that surprised me.

Once we arrived, the boat was mostly prepared as JoJo had lots of time waiting for me. We competed in the Aluminum mixed division going 15.6 miles on the Missouri River. It wasn’t long till the race started. It was tough competition, but we all had similar boats. This race was more about the paddlers than the gear!

To avoid congestion, the start was split in two waves. the first wave was for tandems and teams. The first five miles of this race were nearly a sprint with a bunch of vying for the front of the pack. At one point during this time, we were in the very front of our heat, but we couldn’t hold onto this position. We eventually finished third in our division, only 5 minutes off the winner. It is worth noting that I didn’t think we had a chance to win as Tracy Lynn Martin was in the winning tandem boat. If you have not heard of her, you should look her up.

After the race, we hung out for lunch and to talk with many of our paddling friends! Due to the long day, we didn’t stay into the evening. They were having a memorial for Joe Wilson. Noreen access is often called “Wilson’s Serenity Point” due to Joe Wilson. He spent most of his free time at this access improving it and greeting anybody that would stop to chat. He had recently died.

The bridge from earlier with no fog.

Andy Clones and JoJo Newbold (my race partner) celebrating a great finish.

Hogan Haake