Dying Maggie’s Hair – 6/1/2018

Maggie has never had her hair dyed before. So she came over to do it with Sonora. Here are a few photos of the mess!

Of course I didn’t capture the finished product. Maggie was swimming every day that summer training for races, so the dye didn’t last very long in her hair. But it was fun hearing the girls having fun!

Hogan Haake

Spray Skirt – 5/29/2018

It was highly recommended that we have a spray skirt on our boat for the Texas Water Safari. I wasn’t too worried, but Jo Jo took care of us. She planned a day and came over to help us out. We started out by putting T in the front of the boat and cutting a hole for her.

It didn’t take long before I was in the back with a hole cut out for me as well.

And Jo Jo went around with the rubber cement and glued us together!

If you’re wondering about the materials, its rip-stop nylon from a local fabric store and some rubber cement glued on Velcro strips. And maybe some duct tape for good measure. Jo Jo came back a few days later to help me reinforce the material. And it held perfectly for the race and packed up very small. Its great having handy friends!

Hogan Haake

Birthday At Waterfall – 5/28/2018

Sonora wanted to have an overnight camp out at Waterfall for her birthday. She actually wanted 2 nights but we limited it to one night. It was all we could handle and the girls wanted to spend most of their time inside anyway! We did do some swimming/floating in the river.

Hogan Haake