First Waterfall Paddle – 6/24/2017

We finally had our first paddle at Waterfall. We went from Morris Mill back to our property. After we got settled, there is a bit of rapid to get through very close to the start. I went left with Sonora and barely made it. There was lots of bracing and getting my foot out of the boat to get us off the rocks. I sent Danelle and Corvin to the right to portage, but they ran it. It turned out much better for them. We definitely fared better than the jet ski we found!

Back near our property, we were frustrated to find two bobcats moving flood debris from a house straight into the river.

Hogan Haake

Chicken and Waffle Day – 6/23/2017

Our second Chicken and Waffle day at the office was a success. We started early with mimosas.

Before long it was lunch time and we fired up three waffle irons and three deep fryers. One of the deep fryers didn’t work, so we were down to two. To speed up the process this year, we purchased breaded chicken tenders. Then fried great and saved tons of time. Nobody left hungry and there were plenty of leftovers!

Adam and Jesse getting ready.

Kris preparing to deep fry some Twinkies, Oreos, and pickles.

No, its not a selfie! Kristen is taking a photo of the room.

Darth Vader shaped waffle with chicken on it.

Dan getting ready to eat.

Several toppings to choose from.

Ann waiting for a deep fried treat!

Jesse had somewhere to be, so he made a to-go plate!

Brandon getting ready to eat.

Daniel burned his hand on the fryer.

Hogan Haake

Unicycle Fail – 6/20/2017

I’ve switched 100% to the 36″ unicycle. The only way to get better is to go out and ride it. Today I went out to the River Des Peres trail to ride as its rather flat. I got some cool shadow photos while I was riding.

Shortly after, I managed to wreck and cut my finger, I”m still not sure how. My confidence was low and this didn’t help, so I called it a short ride day.

Hogan Haake