Unicycling With Austin – 3/23/2019

Austin Calzada is a young kid that I consider a friend. He recently had an article in the River Front Times about his unicycling. I have a collection of unicycles. He wanted to ride a few, so I brought them all out to play. Here are a few photos and a video of the ride.

Austin on my 36″ wheel.

He said he wants to get a 36″ wheel of his own soon.

All of my unicycles plus Austin’s (the one with the blue rim).

Hogan Haake

123rd Sunset Race – 2/14/2019

Its Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop the Sunset Race. I’ve been married long enough that it isn’t a highly encouraged [or else] type of holiday. Actually, we both agree its a made up holiday, but that is another topic.

I started off the Sunset Race with a unicycle ride. Even after all these times of the Sunset race, I still get excited every month. So getting in a ride before the paddle is a good way to help calm myself down. I even turned a few segments of my ride into a video if you’re curious.

This is what my two of my favorite hobbies look like together!

We had a great race err paddle. We didn’t go all the way to 141, but we still had fun. One dark photo at the Simpson Lake damn.

Hogan Haake

118th Sunset Race – 9/13/2018

If you’re curious about our event, its always the second Thursday of each month. Events are announced about 1 week in advance posted at the following 2 locations.

Scroll to the last post to see it.

And on Facebook


I wonder how many more times I can say that the Sunset Race provided me with new entertainment. It seems like every time I go out to the river, a new experience awaits me. I started this one my favorite way. I went out about 90 minutes before the start and got in a unicycle ride.

When I got back from the unicycle ride a few paddlers had already shown up and more were arriving as we were getting close to starting. I had yet to put my boat in the water, but others has. That is when we noticed a hot air balloon coming our way very low. It eventually landed in a field about a 1/2 mile from the ramp!

Here is the view from the ramp.

Here is the view from the water.

And in case you were wondering, we do paddle during the sunset!

A view from after we finished.

Hope some of you come out and paddle with us!

Hogan Haake


Meeting Austin – 4/5/2018

I was riding one of my favorite unicycle tracks from my house getting some exercise and enjoying the weather.

I heard somebody yelling at me (which is normal) but it was persistent. I looked over to see a young man running on the other side of a major street carrying a unicycle.

I stopped and yelled I would wait for the stoplight to change so he could come safely across the street and we could chat. It isn’t often you meet another unicyclist out and about on the streets!

Once on the same side of the street, I met Austin. He’s a high school student that started riding a few months ago. He is already more skilled than me, showing off what he can do. He was amazed by my 36″ wheel as he was on a 24″ wheel. We talked for about 45 minutes. I even demonstrated on his unicycle how to rotate the tire to get the most ware out of it. Good think I keep an air pump in my bag!

Eventually we needed to part ways, but its always great to meet a fellow rider!

Hogan Haake


MRT Loop – 2/25/2018

I’ve been wanting to do longer unicycle rides for a while now. Today I decided it was the day to do just that. The plan was to ride the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) loop. I started early going up the deserted Missouri side of the trail starting near the Gateway Arch.

Going up the Missouri side happened fast. I did notice my cranks for the pedals were getting a bit loose, so I tightened them before continuing. It didn’t take long before I was crossing the Chain Of Rocks bridge.

Once across, I still had to cross another lesser bridge over the Chain Of Rocks canal for barges. This bridge had much lower railings and lots of metal grating, so I mostly walked across it.

By the time I got to Illinois, I was slowing down a ton. I didn’t take any more photos and had a rough time on the gravel section of the trail. But I eventually did finish the 26 mile trail on my unicycle. The last 1/2 mile was walking due to my cranks getting much worse! Overall, a success!