Webster Groves 4th of July Parade – 7/4/2019

Danelle is on the Webster Groves Sustainability Commission. They had a shared parade float and were walking with a small float. Danelle asked if the family could come along and they said yes. I’m not one to pass up a parade and an excuse to ride a unicycle in it. Corvin and I both got the unicycles out. Just to make sure I was up to it, I scouted the parade on the first. Lots of chairs were already out claiming space!

Since we were riding the parade, we only got one selfie before the riding started. I made a huge number of loops around the parade float, constantly circling so I didn’t go slow enough to dismount. We rode as close as we dared to the sides and got high fives from the kids as we rode by.

I’ve got some ideas for next year if we get the opportunity to do it again. The people organizing the float liked us as we were a big attention grab!

Hogan Haake

Donut Ride – 6/29/2019

I saw an event online that I just didn’t want to pass up. It was an organized Donut Ride. The plan was pretty simple. Bicycle approximately 14 miles and visit 5 different donut shops. We had plans for later in the day, so we were going to visit the first 3 donut shops, then turn tail and head back. We were headed to Kansas City to pick up Sonora after the ride. This also made our ride about 5 miles total!

We had Danelle and Corvin on their bicycles. I was riding the 36″ unicycle for the first half of the trip.

One of the great things about this ride was the people riding. They mentioned before we started that we should have cash ready and consider sharing. At the first donut shop, somebody came out with a box and offered donuts to anybody that wanted one. We of course returned the favor at the next shop.

I’m not as good as I should be riding the 36″ unicycle and it took a bit to mount. When we got to the third donut shop (our last), we got our own donut as we were earlier than most of the crowd.

After we left to head back, Corvin and I switched with him uni-cycling and me riding his bike. Corvin makes me look like a beginner with as strong of a rider as he is. It was a fun event to spend our morning doing and get some exercise. I never though I would say this, but after three donuts in less than an hour, I was stuffed and ready to head home!

Hogan Haake



UDC Titan 32″ – 6/20/2019

After uni-cycling across the American southwest this summer, I decided that I wanted a new unicycle. I’ve been thinking about what I might get. My current inventory is

Sun 20″
Torker 24″
Unknown 24″
Custom 29″
Coker 36″

What I didn’t want to do is buy something that I already have (ignore the two 24″) I’ve been riding my 36″ Coker, but have trouble consistently mounting it. The reading I’ve done said that the new 32″  was the sweet spot. Easy to mount like a 29″, but more speed like a 36″.

I want to my favorite unicycle shopping place, Unicycle.com and found their selection. I’ve talked with them on the phone before and decided to trust the house brand. I ordered the UDC Titan 32″.

Once it was put together, Corvin and I went out that night to give it a try. It was surprisingly natural to mount. While it did feel different, it was very easy to adjust to. The large tire provided a lot of confidence with its grip!

The UDC Tital 32″ is now my go to unicycle for every ride!

Hogan Haak

Unicycles at the Pump Track – 5/4/2019

Corvin and I went for an afternoon unicycle ride. We ended up riding by a neighborhood pump track. We both tried and failed pretty good! There was video, but we got psyched out before really doing anything.

After the pump track, the rest of the ride was pretty laid back.

Corvin looks like he’s coming from a school meeting.

I did try a new mount and ended up getting scraped up, but I’ll be fine!

Hogan Haake

Unicycling With Austin – 3/23/2019

Austin Calzada is a young kid that I consider a friend. He recently had an article in the River Front Times about his unicycling. I have a collection of unicycles. He wanted to ride a few, so I brought them all out to play. Here are a few photos and a video of the ride.

Austin on my 36″ wheel.

He said he wants to get a 36″ wheel of his own soon.

All of my unicycles plus Austin’s (the one with the blue rim).

Hogan Haake