126th Sunset Race

May 9, 2019

This was our first Sunset Race that almost didn’t happen that wasn’t our choice. We’ve voluntarily skipped when there was too much ice or thunderstorms. But this one was blocked due to flooding.

Jason, JoJo and Melissa looking it over. We walked a ways past the road closed to get to this area.

I checked the hydrant, it was off.

The mud is a bit nuts here!

Eventually, Melissa, JoJo, and I got my aluminum down a hill and in the water to paddle. All was not lost!

Hogan Haake


Balance Board – 4/26/2019

I made another kayak balance board. They are great for working on your kayak balance when you’re in the house. The idea is to sit on the board and try not to fall off. The “feet” of the board are rounded. If you’re having issues, use carpet to slow the action of the board.

Here is the top of the board before I started putting a design on it.

And the finished board.

I took a video of the wood burning to put the design on. I used 65 GG of video, it took 5 hours to render the video and about 4 actual hours of wood burning.

Hogan Haake

125th Sunset Race

Our normal monthly paddle on the Meramec river. Some photos of our fun.

Andy Clones playing Humpty Dumpty. This time he didn’t fall or break, but he also didn’t have time to paddle. Still awesome that he came out to see us!

Bernie Arnold brought me a boat to borrow. We paddled for a bit, but he didn’t have time for the official Sunset Race.

Jo Jo in her race boat with Jason behind her. Can’t remember the orange dude, but very cool guy.

I’m in the foreground with Mark in the boat and my wife Danelle getting ready to join us. A real treat for all of us!

Jay Doty in a skin on frame his son made. That boat is fast and lightweight!

Hogan Haake

Creve Coeur Paddle – 4/7/2019

We’re training for the South Dakota Kayak Challenge and taking Megan Pagliaro who we talked into the race. Megan is new to paddling and racing, but we knew that she was going to be good company. To the mission today was to get her out on the water and get her more comfortable with the boat.

Danelle and I have the two boats ready for the trip. Now we wait.

There is Megan in the front of the boat. It may not look like she is doing much, but this turned out to be fantastic. During the SDKC race, she took lots of photos that we all enjoy looking at 🙂 OK, and she does paddle fine as well.

Here I am in the 10 foot plastic follow boat. Always happy to be on the water.

Once they get moving, its hard to keep up.

And if you’re still reading and really bored, here is a video of the paddle at high speed!

Hogan Haake

123rd Sunset Race – 2/14/2019

Its Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop the Sunset Race. I’ve been married long enough that it isn’t a highly encouraged [or else] type of holiday. Actually, we both agree its a made up holiday, but that is another topic.

I started off the Sunset Race with a unicycle ride. Even after all these times of the Sunset race, I still get excited every month. So getting in a ride before the paddle is a good way to help calm myself down. I even turned a few segments of my ride into a video if you’re curious.

This is what my two of my favorite hobbies look like together!

We had a great race err paddle. We didn’t go all the way to 141, but we still had fun. One dark photo at the Simpson Lake damn.

Hogan Haake