Paddling Again – 4/20/2020

Its the usual crew out on the river again enjoying a fantastic evening!

Always great when I get to paddle with Danelle!

The bridge is our turn around and it looks perfect in the sunset!

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but it just watched us turn around without a care in the world!

Hogan Haake

Random Paddle

Sometimes we just go paddling cause its fun. Today I got Danelle out with several friends.

At the waterfall where Simpson lake drains into the Meramec river.

Mark in the background.

Paddling with Danelle

Melissa in the foreground and JoJo and a friend in the background.

We had a great time going out on the river. The friend that Jo Jo brought ended up having a flat tire. We all too turns coaching her through changing it. Eventually we were all ready and back on the road to resume our normal lives.

Hogan Haake

3/22/2020 – Meramec Paddle

Sometimes you must need to paddle on the river. Today was one of those days. Jo Jo, Mark, and I went out. We got upstream. After a while,we took a detour on Fishpot Creek. The water was high and we were able to paddle back a ways. We stopped to try and identify a very rusty car on the shore.

We never did figure out what type of car it is, but it was fun exploring.

Hogan Haake

130th Sunset Race – 9/12/2019

The Sunset Race is always a good time. Today, I was racing with JoJo and Jason in a Spencer Canoes C3. We are consider taking this boat on the MR340 together this year if the river stops flooding.

As an added bonus, Jeff Hug came out to paddle as well. We’ve worked together in the past and he’s a great guy. Nothing is better than a great night out paddling with friends!

Hogan Haake

August Sunset Race – 8/8/2019

August celebrated our 129th Sunset Race on the second Thursday of the month. This month, we were going downstream from Greentree ramp in Kirkwood to the Meramec Marina. There, we’ll tie up the boats and get some pizza and beer before heading back upstream. Eight paddlers made the trip. its always interesting taking over the marina tying upĀ  boats anywhere we can get space.

Look closely and you’ll actually see three kayaks in this photo.

Bernie didn’t waste any time getting to his beer. His shirt is soaked from the workout, so its okay.

Melissa has never been here before and loves the vibe!

Jason behind the umbrella post, Jay, and JoJo.

Melissa wanted to see how to get from the marina to land, and loves it.

Overview of the marina.

Looking upriver on the way back. JoJo is in the middle with Melissa in front of the canoe. We had a fun time chatting and paddling.

The Sunset Race is always a blast. Join us any time and paddle with friends!

Hogan Haake