Watching The Blues with Kelly – 5/3/2019

Kelly came over to watch the St. Louis Blues play the Dallas Stars with Danelle. These ladies have been hockey fans for a long time. The Blues were playoff bound and they were excited about hockey. We didn’t have much around the house before the game, so I went to the grocery store to get some supplies.

Like the maniac that I am, I came back with lots of stuff that will break any diet. Additionally, I shopped the leftover Easter stuff and found a true prize.

We decided that the chocolate easter bunny would represent the Dallas Stars on this night. I took the bunny away to prepare it. Before I came in, I explained that the bunny represented the Dallas Stars team. Then I brought this in…

I captured Kelly’s initial reaction to this tray of doom.

The ladies got into full destruction mode on the chocolate voodoo bunny to help the Blues Win.

While it didn’t help the Blues win the game that night, it was entertaining to see them breaking apart the bunny! Nothing quite like a fun and silly night!

Hogan Haake


State 5 – California

June 7, 2019

One day after the Grand Canyon, we came to California.

Or if you want to see it in motion…

We still had more elevation to drop before we started riding.

The plan was to unicycle in Death Valley. We knew it was going to be hot, so we got there as early as we could to avoid the heat. Danelle helped us find a route that didn’t have too many elevation changes. Plus with a name like “Mustard Canyon”, it had to be awesome. She and Sonora dropped us off at the trailhead. We looked around the Harmony Borax Works for a bit and then decided to take off. Its worth noting here that the day before, we were uni-cycling Arizona around 8,700 feet of elevation. Today, we would be riding at -250 feet of elevation. I had no excuses for having enough oxygen if we did come across a hill.

The ride was much harder than we expected. Mustard Canyon Drive is one way and quickly turns from packed gravel to loose gravel. Fortunately for Corvin and I, it isn’t super long. While we walked the road that I wasn’t able to unicycle on, the views were spectacular! Eventually, we got back out to Highway 190. From there, we rode away from the Furnace Valley Visitor’s center to get some video on the rolling hills. After a bit of video, we had to ride into 30 mph headwinds back to the visitor’s center where Danelle and Sonora were waiting for us to finish riding.

Its worth mentioning here for a second that we had two different unicycles with us. For the first 8 states, we had a 24″ unicycle I bought from my brother, and a 29″ that used to be my primary unicycle. The seat on the 24″ wasn’t very good and the wheel wasn’t true, so it was a bit of a challenge to ride. Lucky for me, Corvin spent most of his riding on the 24, but we did trade off.

Unfortunately for me, one of the trades was into the wind headed back to the visitor’s center. Corvin took off, but it was only fair.

Corvin’s journal entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 19.84
Total Moving Time: 4h 31m 01s
Total Elevation Change: 813 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 5
Total Corvin UPD: 1

Hogan Haake

Family Day – 4/21/2019

I’ve been out to Don Robinson State park a few times now, but just had the urge to hike it again. I got the whole family packed up and in the car to go out and hike. It can often be hard to get a family together when they have convenient entertainment like NetFlix and phones at their hand. So you have to be creative. The fence below is metal. We took turns gently striking it with different objects (mostly wood) to make sounds as we walked by for our hike.

Somebody made a teepee out on the path and we decided to check it out.

The look I most often get from Sonora when asking her to go out of her convenience (comfort) zone.

We didn’t hike as long as I was interested in but we were all together. When we got home, I went on a unicycle ride to use up a bit more energy!

After my ride, we went over to Henry and Carol’s house for croquette and dessert. A perfect end to a day with my family!

Hogan Haake

Home Repairs – 6/29/2019

Home repairs are a never ending chore. Sometimes you can wait a bit longer, but eventually maintenance is just required. We’ve been in our house for 13 years now and got it new. I noticed that a few of the vents on the outside were falling apart.

The best thing to do was to replace them before birds started flying in and nesting inside them and possibly getting inside of the house. My ladder was just a bit too short to reach and work safely. We went to Home Depot and rented a taller ladder (the orange one) and bought new vents. Now it was a family project!

Corvin preparing to add the new vent back in.

Since I had my ladder and the rented one, I just used both of them! Corvin is working on the lower of the 2 vents.

Both kids are getting comfortable going up and understanding basic maintenance.

This took about 4 hours from rental pickup to return, but worth doing. Its also worth noting to be careful, 2 of the 4 vents that were replaces had large bug nests. Most likely for something that has stingers. Be careful opening them up. Lucky for us they were both abandoned!

Hogan Haake