Hot Exhaust – 12/23/2017

I occasionally go out to the garage in the winter and start my motorcycle (Kawasaki Concours C10). I like to hear it and believe its good to get the fluids circulating every so often. I happened to notice extra heat coming out of the vent. I saw that the exhaust header was glowing. This was due to the choke being on.

Of course, I’m a curious guy, so I had to see how hot it actually was!

Over 700 degrees is nuts and probably bad for the engine. I’ll be more careful with the choke in the future!

Hogan Haake

DevUp Conference – 10/16/2017

My employer, DeckCommerce participated in the DevUp conference (formerly Days of .NET) this year. This meant that the company had a booth for recruiting. It was a fun place to gather and talk about the company to others in the community.

Christa Range and Jenny Fritz were the primary people at the booth.

And no booth is complete without some sort of giveaway. We had a plastic thing that nobody could figure out. Once explained, it made sense, so I suggested that they have a contest for a creative use of it.

It was an interesting talking point, but a disappointing give away. But we live and learn as a company. Here are a few photos from the event itself.

The keynote address to kick off the event was around javascript development.

Looking to my left

Hogan, Gretcen Grote, Maggie Ma

Dave Bubenik, Jeff Hug

It isn’t something our company does, so most of us left early to check out vendor booths.

Chad LaCroix trying to pay attention


Gretchen Grote wondering when I’ll stop taking photos!

Overall it was a good conference with lots learned. If you’re still wondering what the give away does, its a cell phone holder. Plug in your brick through the hole and place your phone on the ledge.

Hogan Haake


Kids and Friends – 10/7/2017

We had a Groupon for bowling with 6 people. The kids each wanted to invite a friend and before we knew it, the kids each had two friends. So Danelle and I decided to watch while the kids and their friends had fun.

Before I knew it, all four friends were spending the night.

Lucky for us the friends are well behaved and the evening went well!

Hogan Haake

Paddle Mo 2017

Usually Hogan is the one who takes epic voyages on the Missouri River.  This time, on September 23-27, 2017, I got to take our Kruger Cruiser on Paddle Mo – a 5 day, 100 mile journey from Hermann, Missouri, to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  I am on the board of the organization that runs the event, Stream Teams United, so I joined the trip to provide event support as a safety boat.

The Kruger is not a solo vessel, so I found a fellow Stream Teamer, Sarah, who was interested in being in this ‘safety boat’ with me.  As a safety boat, we were in radio contact with the shore team and the other safety boats.  We were there in case anyone needed us, but thankfully, our time on the water was incident free.  This means that we were able to chat with the other 90+ paddlers and enjoy the scenery that the Missouri River has to offer.

Bill and Jody of Earth’s Classroom were our trip leaders. They provided a wealth of river knowledge along the way.

The Junebug is one of the Voyager craft operated by Mike of Big Muddy Adventures.  Across the dock is River Relief’s safety/support boat.

Heading for the drinking water intake for St. Louis.

I’m not generally a selfie gal, but here you go…

Not all of our time was spent in our boats.  We stopped for lunches in local diners and feasted on boxed lunches full of locally-grown treats along gravel bars.  At the end of the day, we would walk or be shuttled to our campsite.  Dinners were more local cuisine, including a stop at the Montelle Winery for pizza and (surprise!) wine.  The vista over the river from their outdoor dining area reminded me of the seating at my other favorite Missouri winery, Les Bourgeois. I will be back!  I also have to mention the tasty meals provided by Seed, Sprout, Spoon – we had their food for three meals on this trip as well as another catered event and have been impressed!  With as much paddling as I did, I had hoped to lose a couple of pounds, but with all of the great food, I never had a chance!

Sarah, Bernie, and I enjoyed lunch with fellow paddlers at Driftwood in Washington, Mo.

If you have been thinking about paddling in the Missouri River, but are too intimidated to sign up for a race and too concerned to paddle alone, the Paddle Mo trip might be just what you are looking for!  There are many experienced paddlers and plenty of support crew.  The pace is more than just a float trip, but nothing like a race. I made several new friends on the trip and was able to reconnect with some folks I haven’t seen in years.  Thanks to all of the people who made this journey possible!!

Until you have a chance to go yourself, please enjoy a few more photos below.

Danelle Haake