Paddling Again – 4/20/2020

Its the usual crew out on the river again enjoying a fantastic evening!

Always great when I get to paddle with Danelle!

The bridge is our turn around and it looks perfect in the sunset!

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but it just watched us turn around without a care in the world!

Hogan Haake

March 2020

What in interesting month. COVID-19 is now a serious thing in the United States. I took all the supplies from my office I need to do my job and brought them home. I’ll be working from home for a few months. I also purchased my first ever coffee machine to make working from home acceptable!

My new “office”

The cats are sure curious what is going on since we’re home all the time now.

There are very curious about the plant I brought home from the office.

Our vacuum cleaner decided to eat the toilet paper!

Its always interesting. We’ll see what next month brings being home all the time!

Hogan Haake


3/22/2020 – Meramec Paddle

Sometimes you must need to paddle on the river. Today was one of those days. Jo Jo, Mark, and I went out. We got upstream. After a while,we took a detour on Fishpot Creek. The water was high and we were able to paddle back a ways. We stopped to try and identify a very rusty car on the shore.

We never did figure out what type of car it is, but it was fun exploring.

Hogan Haake

Waterfall – 3/1/2020

Sometimes you just go outside to have fun. We often go to waterfall and end up just working on it. Okay, we may have dome some minor work like sealing the roof and mowing.Sonora even pitched in!

Eventually, it was time to do our favorite thing, have a big fire.

Sonora chopped some wood to make sure it had enough fuel.

Somewhere along the way, we found a football inside and threw it around. I think it still works 🙂

These peaceful family days are why we continue to go out there!

Hogan Haake