Front Steps – 5/17/2019

If there is one thing houses need, its constant maintenance. Today’s edition features our front porch steps. About 5 years earlier, we had re-finished the porch steps. They were more than due again. This time, it was more than just paint that we needed. Several steps became rotten and needed to be replaced. I’m far from a carpenter, so you experienced home improvement people may need to avert your eyes at what comes next.

I started by removing the boards that had the most rot. About half of the screw heads still worked and were able to be unscrewed the traditional way. However, there were more stubborn screws that required me to chisel out the screw head. From there, I used vice grips to turn the screws by hand. Only then could I remove the boards…

Once I removed all of the really bad boards, it was time to deal with the railing. Those were nearly completely rotted out and needed to be replaced. I was fearing this part of the project as it would require skill and accuracy. Don’t worry, I got Danelle to help for the skill and accuracy part!

Here are the steps with the new boards installed. Now all I have to do is the the railings back on!

Every project needs a proper mess before it can be complete!

And finally (we’ll skip the part with all of my cursing and frustration), the finished product with the railings re-installed!

Because the boards on the steps are new treated lumber, they need to dry out before they can be painted. You can expect an update later this summer as we re-finish the whole thing.

Hogan Haake

Sonora’s Birthday – 5/10/2019

Before you get too excited, I know Sonora’s birthday isn’t for 5 more days. However, she wanted to have a party with her friends and this was the day that worked out.

Several of them came over. We got them to mostly play outside and try different things. Here are a few photos of them.

Of course I couldn’t keep them out of the house completely, and they wanted to eat cake!

While the kids were inside, I prepped the outside for a movie on the back of the house. The two rows are 100 glow sticks I set up.

Happy Birthday Sonora!

Hogan Haake

Nathan’s First Communion – 5/4/2019

Steve and Jackie invited us to see Nathan’s First Communion. Danelle was out of town, but Corvin, Sonora, and I were able to make it. The church was packed with family and we barely got a seat in the balcony. There are not any photos in church, cause that isn’t my style.

We met them outside after and Nathan was happy to see us. We packed Nathan in the car with us and went by the library on our way to the party at Circle 7 Ranch. Nathan didn’t find any books that he wanted, but he had fun showing us around his library.

The kids playing some sort of phone game.

Jackie in the middle of the party.

Cool cake and cookies.

Nathan and Bob hanging out.

We had a great time and were happy to celebrate with them!

Hogan Haake


Jim Shamel Run – 5/4/2019

Corvin signed up for the Jim Shamel 5k. Danelle was heading out of town that morning so it was just Corvin and myself. We got there early to get his registration packet and the lay of the race. Once I scouted out the race course, I realized it was very close to our house and Danelle could probably see him near the start. I texted her a map of where to stand and she agreed. This would be a surprise for Corvin.

He warmed up with his Webster Groves HS cross country teammates. I hung out and looked after the starting line madness, trying to stay dry.

By the time the racers were coming back near the finish of the race, Corvin was in second place overall. Talk about making a father proud!

He ended up finishing  with a 18:44 time which was his best time ever for a race!

Hogan Haake

Watching The Blues with Kelly – 5/3/2019

Kelly came over to watch the St. Louis Blues play the Dallas Stars with Danelle. These ladies have been hockey fans for a long time. The Blues were playoff bound and they were excited about hockey. We didn’t have much around the house before the game, so I went to the grocery store to get some supplies.

Like the maniac that I am, I came back with lots of stuff that will break any diet. Additionally, I shopped the leftover Easter stuff and found a true prize.

We decided that the chocolate easter bunny would represent the Dallas Stars on this night. I took the bunny away to prepare it. Before I came in, I explained that the bunny represented the Dallas Stars team. Then I brought this in…

I captured Kelly’s initial reaction to this tray of doom.

The ladies got into full destruction mode on the chocolate voodoo bunny to help the Blues Win.

While it didn’t help the Blues win the game that night, it was entertaining to see them breaking apart the bunny! Nothing quite like a fun and silly night!

Hogan Haake