Mom and Hannah in STL – 11/4/2017

Hannah likes the St.Louis Blues and wants to see them in person. So we got tickets so she could see a game in person. As an added bonus, my mom came in town with her. I wasn’t going to let mom miss a good time, so we had lots of parallel plans to keep us busy!

Hannah and Danelle

Left to Right: Danelle, Hannah, Laura Berlin

Danelle had some things to do, so we took a side trip to Grafton, IL twice. There was an event, something like Tugboat Days going on. So there was a river tug available for tours. We went up Saturday and found out the tickets had sold out.  Not one to let something that get me down, we took a minor tour of Pere Marquette State Park and the fantastic views it offered.

It was decided that we would go back early Sunday morning and see the tug before mom went home. So the next day, we took the ferry out to look at the tug.

And because it was Sunday, we all got the tour. Here are some photos of a tugboat.


One of the twin 16 cylinder engines.

Mechanic’s workbench.

Twin generators always on for power.

A few spare parts.

From the pilot house looking back.

Looking from an upper deck down to the front

Wires used to tie the barges together.

Selfie of our group

The boat we’re about to tour

From the tour, it sounds like life as a deckhand is mostly about scraping paint and re-painting all day. Maybe I don’t want that job 🙂

Hogan Haake

October – 2017

At Corvin’s soccer game, the girls, Sonora, Danelle, and Carol, all used umbrellas to keep out of the rain.

Tiko, our cat died this month. He was with us for about 15 years and will be missed.

We ended up with a new kitten the same month. Petra doesn’t get along with him unless they are eating.

Hogan Haake

Halloween – 10/31/2017

Our family has made it a tradition to do interesting things for Halloween. This year was no exception. Here is the way we left the house in the morning.

Corvin the unicycling clown.

Sonora dressed as a kitty.

Ohh and add in Dad, the unicycling bear to make it complete!

Every day should start this awesome!

Hogan Haake

Coatrack – 10/28/2017

The family got a new kitten today. In order to get the kitten, they had to agree to three simple rules.

  1. The name must be Coatrack
  2. The cat must be a Maine Coon
  3. Dad doesn’t have to clean the litterboxes.

With those three simple rules agreed to, we brought Coatrack home. If you’re wondering, the name comes from a joke with my dad (Grandpa Monster). My sister Hannah brought home a stuffed cat and couldn’t come up with a name, so dad named it coatrack and it stuck.

Hogan Haake