UDC Titan 32″ – 6/20/2019

After uni-cycling across the American southwest this summer, I decided that I wanted a new unicycle. I’ve been thinking about what I might get. My current inventory is

Sun 20″
Torker 24″
Unknown 24″
Custom 29″
Coker 36″

What I didn’t want to do is buy something that I already have (ignore the two 24″) I’ve been riding my 36″ Coker, but have trouble consistently mounting it. The reading I’ve done said that the new 32″  was the sweet spot. Easy to mount like a 29″, but more speed like a 36″.

I want to my favorite unicycle shopping place, Unicycle.com and found their selection. I’ve talked with them on the phone before and decided to trust the house brand. I ordered the UDC Titan 32″.

Once it was put together, Corvin and I went out that night to give it a try. It was surprisingly natural to mount. While it did feel different, it was very easy to adjust to. The large tire provided a lot of confidence with its grip!

The UDC Tital 32″ is now my go to unicycle for every ride!

Hogan Haak

Flood Paddle – 6/18/2019

Its always nice to have friends. In this instance, JoJo called and asked if I wanted to paddle part of the flooded Meramec river. I’m always up for that. I packed up and met them at a place I’ve never paddled before in south Saint Louis. Here are a few shots of our paddle.

The water was nearly over the roof of this shelter. Jason was up on a structure that holds the electrical transformer above the flooding they know will occasionally happen.

Hard to tell what is flooded vs. normal Meramec River.

The best part of this whole paddle was what I called the “water trail”. We paddled through a wooded area where a paved bicycle path is. The water was high, but still clear enough to look down and see it. What made it feel like a trail was the fact that we had a tree canopy over our heads and a clear path ahead. Very cool feeling. Then we found this sign and were able to pull it up out of the water for a photo before putting it back. Its about 5 feet over the trail here.

We just finished recovering this tire that we would dispose of later. There is also a traffic cone. Trying to make the world a better place!

Jason relaxing. We don’t paddle this boat much. Part of the reason is because the seats are not very comfortable. He is trying to find some relief.

JoJo was kind enough to grab my phone and get a shot of us.

I love the reflection of the under side of the bridge on the water.

If you’re curious where we went, here is a screen shot. The gray line going north to south is I-55 for reference.

Hogan Haake


State 19 – North Dakota


We finished Wyoming and started a long drive to North Dakota. This meant going north back to Montana and finishing the long drive across the rest of the state to North Dakota. Getting to the border to get the state sign was a relief. We’re always grateful for states that have their signs easily accessible by car on the side of the highway. Some have been on bridges or in the middle that makes access awkward and sometimes dangerous.

With the photo out of the way, we were off for a quick gas stop. Corvin took the time to enjoy being a bit goofy.

We were ready to go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I’ve never been there before.I saw it on the map planning and it seemed interesting. Its nice to get more use out of our national parks pass. An interesting fact about this park, there is a south and north unit. We would only be visiting the south unit for this visit.

There is a 30 ish mile loop that goes around the south unit. Of course, there was a road block on part of the loop that would have made it a short drive. Therefore, we had to drive 3/4 of the way around the park to get to the section we wanted to ride. Along the way, we got to see some fantastic sights. Buffalo, gophers, and wild horses!

Having part of the road blocked off ended up being a blessing. Instead of people driving around a large loop to see the whole park, many people turned around earlier to save driving time. We had very little traffic on our ride. The gravel road we drove down to park, we may have been the only visitors all day!

Most of our photographic efforts were on video of our ride.

Its definitely a park I  would like to visit again and hike several of the trails.

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 104.17
Total Moving Time: 20h 40m
Total Elevation Gained: 3382 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 10
Total Corvin UPD: 8

Hogan Haake


State 18 – Wyoming


Having just finished Montana the day before, the plan was to drive down south and dip into Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park for a quick ride. When we got up at 5 am, the ground was wet from rain the night before, but looked to be clearing up for a nice day. We got up early because it was a 2 hour drive to Yellowstone from our motel. We wanted to get into the park before the crowds got there possibly making our ride unsafe.

Corvin wanted to stay awake, but quickly fell asleep as I ticked off the miles.  As the sun came up over the mountains, the view continued to change. An occasional low peak would give a glimpse to the days pending sunlight. At some point, the sun rose over the majority of the eastern mountain range. At that point, it was if somebody turned on a light switch and the day really kicked off.

As we approached Gardiner, Montana, I woke Corvin up. We planned to stop at Roosevelt Arch near the north entrance. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

I wasn’t a huge fan of him climbing, but I was young once and remember how important it is to explore!

Yep, its old but still looks great!

And looking back at the whole thing.

Shortly after going south of town, we entered Yellowstone National Park. We were getting serious usage out of our National Parks Pass purchased earlier in the summer and it was really starting to save us money. We were still in Montana, but very close to Wyoming. We scoured both sides of the road looking for a Wyoming state sign to no avail (Darn you Highway 89). This was frustrating, but I knew we would figure something out. Even if we had to make a hand made sign or pose next to a license plate. We did find the state sign (pictured first in this story) a day later on the west side of the state, but we’ll tell that story later.

Our unicycle plan was to start at Mammoth Hot Springs and ride the road for an out and back. We previewed the route in the car to see what we were up against and how far we needed to travel. This was going to be some difficult uphill riding and back, but we decided we were up for it.

We didn’t capture much on the way up because of the difficult uphill riding component. Here are some photos looking over the top of Mammoth Hot Spring.

Corvin with the unicycles.

Hogan and the unicycles.

I didn’t do a great job of pre-scouting the ride as we pulled into what we thought was a small parking lot overlook and decided to ride around. It turned out to be Upper Terrace Loop Drive. The hills were short but abrupt. That meant that Corvin could ride them no problem and I walked a bunch. While the walking slowed us down, it allowed us to take in a lot more of the scenery. There were several smaller formations that people driving would not have seen at their speeds.

Our feeble attempt at a self balancing unicycle.

Hard to beat these other worldly views.

It looks like snow, but its just deposits from the spring.

This little one ran under the road and wasn’t that big, but still interesting.

I’ll let you describe this to yourself, I have no words.

Eventually, we made it out of the loop and started on our way back down. Again, the amazing views!!! We didn’t take many photos as it was a rather steep downhill and we didn’t want to fall. Traffic was starting to pick up as the day was getting later.

After we finished up our unicycle ride, we put the unicycles away and hiked on Mammoth Spring for an hour before heading out of the park. I’m not sure if Corvin was more interested in the girl or the view…

You won’t meet many people that travel this far to go to Yellowstone and only stay for 3 hours, but we had places to be!

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 99.14
Total Moving Time: 19h 39m
Total Elevation Gained: 2807feet
Total Hogan UPD: 10
Total Corvin UPD: 7

Hogan Haake


State 17 – Montana


Our plan was to unicycle around the University of Montana. We knew that this ride was going to be a bit basic, but we figured we would have ridden about 14 miles earlier in the day in Idaho and not completely be in the mood to ride too much more in a single day. The weather wasn’t looking great as we got there, but we needed to get our ride in.

The clouds don’t look like much in the photo above, but the just felt like rain and it continued to get dark as we drove on. When we got to the campus, it took a bit to find parking as universities have signs everywhere about ticketing and I didn’t want one. We found a nice spot in a neighborhood and started our ride. We quickly found a bike path and started riding. It didn’t take long before the path turned to gravel. We didn’t want to be turned back and continued. We stopped a few times to watch people rafting/floating on the nearby Clark Fork River.

Corvin and I both thought this would be a pretty cool place to go to college. Besides the nearby river, there was also a large “M” made out of rocks on a nearby mountain with a path to climb to the top. We both wanted to climb up, and were considering it after our ride. However, this was not to be. Lightening hit and we turned around and started riding back to the car. Before we could get there, it started pouring. We took shelter under the university stadium trying to wait it out.

This line of dry pavement ended quickly as the rain picked up.

We still had dry pavement and time for a photo

There was enough rain that the drain barely kept up.

Eventually, Corvin and I realized that we were not going to stay dry this day. We decided to mount up and ride through the rain and back to the car. We would have to dry up. We didn’t have enough distance or time for Montana, but figured that was a problem for later. So a mad dash later we were back in the car with the heated seats on trying to dry ourselves.

While the rain was a total buzz kill, it did give us a great double rainbow!

We figured we would try our luck and just drive through the rain. I wanted to stop at Three Forks, Montana to see the start of the Missouri River. I’ve been paddling it in Missouri for some time and felt a deep connection to it.

To my complete surprise, we made it to the Missouri River Headwaters park with daylight to spare. We got out the unicycles and started part 2 of our Montana ride to get our time in for the state. I have to say that I was more than excited to ride here and see the river. So excited in fact, I took my shoes and socks off to walk into the river and experience it! Anybody that knows me will understand that i rarely go barefoot.

The river was cold, but refreshing!

Scenery along the road.

Another view of the river.

Its getting dark, and cell phone cameras don’t do that great in low light and moving!

The rain turned out to be a blessing allowing me to see something I’ve wanted to see for many years now and even get into the water. I think would have preferred hiking up the “M”, but it worked out.

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava entry.

University of Montana Ride

3 Forks Ride

Our map of completed states.


Total Trip Miles: 93.96
Total Moving Time: 18h 28m
Total Elevation Gained: 2243 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 10
Total Corvin UPD: 6

Hogan Haake