Unicycles at the Pump Track – 5/4/2019

Corvin and I went for an afternoon unicycle ride. We ended up riding by a neighborhood pump track. We both tried and failed pretty good! There was video, but we got psyched out before really doing anything.

After the pump track, the rest of the ride was pretty laid back.

Corvin looks like he’s coming from a school meeting.

I did try a new mount and ended up getting scraped up, but I’ll be fine!

Hogan Haake

Nathan’s First Communion – 5/4/2019

Steve and Jackie invited us to see Nathan’s First Communion. Danelle was out of town, but Corvin, Sonora, and I were able to make it. The church was packed with family and we barely got a seat in the balcony. There are not any photos in church, cause that isn’t my style.

We met them outside after and Nathan was happy to see us. We packed Nathan in the car with us and went by the library on our way to the party at Circle 7 Ranch. Nathan didn’t find any books that he wanted, but he had fun showing us around his library.

The kids playing some sort of phone game.

Jackie in the middle of the party.

Cool cake and cookies.

Nathan and Bob hanging out.

We had a great time and were happy to celebrate with them!

Hogan Haake


State 9 – Indiana

July 5, 2019

Corvin and I set off on a long weekend trip to unicycle a few states. Our first state for this trip and our ninth completed state of the trip is Indiana. We drove through a massive thunderstorm with close lightning strikes on the way out. I was worried that we would have to ride in the rain.

Possibly more frustrating for me was that I  forgot the cell phone holder that screws on to the tripod. This was going to make getting photos of us at state signs more interesting. I didn’t fully edit the photo below because I wanted you to see the white at the bottom. I put my cell phone under the windshield wiper arm to hold it in place. Then with my van holding the phone in place, I started the timer and ran back to the sign!

We picked the French Island Trail in Newburgh, IN as our location to unicycle. It was going to be right next to the Ohio river and a lock and dam. Generally trails near rivers are flat and easier to ride. It would be a great warmup for this trip. The trail turned out to be not quite flat, but easy enough for us to ride. Its worth noting that I was using a new unicycle for this trip. After the first 8 states, I decided to upgrade. I find my Coker 36″ (The Big One) unicycle a bit too large. I have issues mounting in and hills are very tough with it.

I follow the Facebook group “Unicycle Chat” and many people spoke highly of the 32″ unicycle as the best of 29″ and 36″ ownership. I went to my favorite unicycle place, Unicycle.com and ordered my UDC Titan 32″ unicycle just for this trip. This isn’t the place for a full review, but I’ve been nothing but satisfied with this unicycle! Its good enough, I wonder if I’ll ever ride my 36″ again!

Here is a shot of Corvin and I doing our best to get quality video shots of our ride. Editing of videos starting from the first state should start in the next month.

While we were out riding, we noticed a father and son with a very nice DSLR camera obviously taking our photo. We don’t mind. On the ride back to the start, we saw them again and stopped. We had a fantastic talk with Evan Ref and his dad. I’m still holding out hope he will email me a photo that he shot. Either way, we got Evan to try a unicycle and he was almost good at it. Definitely an athlete.

Here is another shot on our way back before a long hill so I could still smile.

Corvin’s journal entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 40.07
Total Moving Time: 8h 25m 41s
Total Elevation Change: 1229 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 7
Total Corvin UPD: 2

Hogan Haake


Jim Shamel Run – 5/4/2019

Corvin signed up for the Jim Shamel 5k. Danelle was heading out of town that morning so it was just Corvin and myself. We got there early to get his registration packet and the lay of the race. Once I scouted out the race course, I realized it was very close to our house and Danelle could probably see him near the start. I texted her a map of where to stand and she agreed. This would be a surprise for Corvin.

He warmed up with his Webster Groves HS cross country teammates. I hung out and looked after the starting line madness, trying to stay dry.

By the time the racers were coming back near the finish of the race, Corvin was in second place overall. Talk about making a father proud!

He ended up finishing  with a 18:44 time which was his best time ever for a race!

Hogan Haake

State 8 – Colorado

June 11, 2019

Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains, and our lowest elevation change yet! This was also the last full state we would unicycle on this family vacation, getting the American southwest taken care of.

We wanted to camp near the Great Sand Dunes. National Park & Preserve Colorado. They are the tallest sand dunes in North America. Its hard to state just how vast the sand is. Our plan was simple. We were camped at Sand Dunes Swimming Pool and RV Park. Danelle was going to drive us out on the highway and we would ride back to our campsite. Unfortunately, we learned that one of the roads we were going to ride was gravel. We had enough gravel back in California with Mustard Cannon and decided it was best to re-route.This put us out on Colorado highway 17. It isn’t a huge highway, but it is a 65 mph speed limit and the largest highway around. Add that to the fact that sunset was upon us and Danelle wasn’t excited about our plan.

Fortunately for us, I had a flashing red light in my bag that helped identify us to oncoming traffic. With the light, Danelle reluctantly left us to start our ride. Being out on the larger highway had a benefit, we were near a UFO watchtower. We of course rode over and met Lucas Fox. He got photos and video of us riding on the highway and coming into the watchtower. If you’re into the UFO stuff, its cool, otherwise it all seems silly. I think our 7 feet of elevation change on this ride came strictly from climbing up the tower. Boy was it flat out here!

Even UFOs ride unicycles!

Corvin also comes in peace.

Talking with Lucas on top of the watchtower. We even got him to try the unicycle up there.

An epic sunset shared between father and son!

Corvin’s journal entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 34.6
Total Moving Time: 7h 26m 36s
Total Elevation Change: 1,055 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 7
Total Corvin UPD: 2

Hogan Haake