SLU Day at Cardinals – 8/30/2018

SLU had their day at the St. Louis Cardinals. We bought tickets before we learned that Corvin had a Cross Country meet the same day. So you’ll notice Corvin isn’t in any of the photos (and I’m not a fan so there was never a ticket for me). Laura went and they all had a great time.

And I guess there needs to be a photo of some of the SLU people Danelle goes to school with 🙂

Hogan Haake

Riding North – 8/25/2018

I took another evening ride going north.

I ended up in the land between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. I was going to ride north to a free bridge, but it got late much sooner than I expected. So I gook some cool night photography and headed home on the Golden Eagle Ferry to save time.

On the Golden Eagle Ferry looking north at the shore I just left.

Hogan Haake

Moto Ride – 8/17/2018

Part of the joy of motorcycling for me is to be spontaneous. This means picking random roads to see where the go and stopping when you would continue in a car. Today’s ride had me out by Waterfall before I took a new road. I ended up in Pacific, Mo in an area I had been before. But I had never stopped at the overlook. So I parked at Jensen’s Point Overlook to hike up and check it out. Its just south of I-44 in Pacific, Mo on E. Osage Street. See map below.

Here are a few photos from the top. Its cool that you can see the river from the top.

Hogan Haake

Kelly Clarkson – 8/14/2018

Being a software developer, its almost expected that I’m a little weird or eccentric. I embrace this to make my job more enjoyable. One of the ways I do this is by keeping a theme. I got my theme of “Kelly Clarkson” from the move 40 Year Old Virgin. When Steve Carell’s character was getting his chest waxed…

So I’ve been adding Kelly Clarkson references in my code, test data, and screen shots for a while now. So I had a day off work and my co-workers took the opportunity to enhance my Kelly Clarkson. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but this is my desk!

Look and you can see the photo of Steve Carell from 40 Year Old Virgin in the photo below.

Hogan Haake

Ecological Society of America 2018

The Ecological Society of America held their annual conference on August 5-10, 2018, in New Orleans.  This was my first time attending and I have to say that I was overwhelmed!  There were over a thousand scientists in attendance and the wonderful individuals I met were as diverse as the ecological subject areas that were being studied.

I went to the meeting with Megan, a fellow grad student working in Jason Knouft’s lab.  I was pleased to be able to present a poster of my recent work and had some great feedback from one of the editors of one of the British ecology journals.  I was also glad to see Kara, a former member of the lab.  We enjoyed an evening on Bourbon Street, a must for any trip to New Orleans.

While I heard a lot about some very interesting science programs and areas of study, one of the sessions that I found most inspiring was one on the importance of communicating our science.  Based on my insights from that session, I am re-kindling my blog and I have every intention of posting regularly so that my massive throngs of readers (Hi, Mom!) can hopefully glean something from my own thoughts on science…

​Thanks for reading!


Megan and Kara joined me on an evening visit to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
Danelle Haake