Sonora’s Spa Day – 1/7/2017

Our friend Laura gave Sonora a “spa day” for Christmas for her and a few friends. Today was the day all of them could come together at our house for their treat. Danelle and Laura set up the stations and prepared for the girls!

After delivering the pizza and getting this group shot, Corvin and I got out of there for our safety 🙂

I can’t even pretend to know all of the random things that were done to the girls, but there was lots of giggling!

Hogan Haake


Ice Storm – 1/13/2017

So St. Louis had an ice storm. Most people worked from home due to all of the warnings all over the news. Not this guy! I braved the 2 mile commute to work and put in nearly a full day before calling it quits. While I called it a bust, my van thought it was a bit more serious. Once I rolled down my window, the ice was still there acting as a temporary window.

Hogan Haake

Steam Engine – 1/6/2017

Eric Ent from work came over with his model steam engine. He got it running recently and I found it fascinating. We thought trying the propane torch would really make it move, and it didn’t disappoint. It is a Wilesco steam engine, possibly a D4 model.

It worked much better with the propane torch, but we didn’t want to risk breaking the boiler due to excessive pressure. The whistle worked a little, but seemed to require more pressure that we wanted to provide. I spent the next few days researching steam engines, but it seems like it would take too much time and money for a full time hobby!

Hogan Haake

Warehouse Cleaning – 1/1/2017

There is nothing better than starting the new year off cleaning. Okay, maybe lots of things, but this year we were helping JoJo out. The floor of the warehouse needed cleaning badly and we were smart enough to volunteer. So after showing up, we messed around a bit while we got our act together.

Andy measuring and texting the size of the I-beam for a custom projector mount.

Once the work started, we used a hose on full power to spray water on the floor. Two people with brooms to mix the dirt and water together and two people with shop vacs to get the water out. It was hard work that didn’t lend any time towards taking photos of the actual work. Each bucket of water that was dumped came out a soupy grey color. None of us would have eaten off of the floor when we were done. But the warehouse was much cleaner when we were done!

Hogan Haake

December 2016

Another month has flown by! Here are a few photo highlights.

Annual Christmas party at Laura’s house.

Group photo at Laura’s house.

Selfie at Deck Commerce Christmas party.

View of the back side of Crestwood mall from Grant’s Trail. They are tearing it down for something else.

Petra in a box.

Unicycle selfie on one of my many ride.

Uni-cycling by my favorite motorcycle shop!

Just had about enough of my beard!

Hogan Haake