Rachel’s PhD Help – 8/27/2017

While participating in Operation Clean Stream the day before, Danelle rekindled a friendship with some fellow students. Rachel in particular was asking for help with some of her PhD research. Danelle saw that we were free and offered our help. So we went out to Tyson Research Center

Four 2,500 gallon rain collectors for watering the plants.

I’m carrying one of the soil dividers for Rachel’s project.

Rachel standing in one of the holes that we’re digging.

Rachel’s roommate, Shreenidhi Vasudevan, showing off her muscles.


Nothing like a selfie with others 🙂

We dug holes till around 3pm when we had to leave for something else. I could have kept digging all night, but the three girls were done. We ended digging nearly half of the holes needed for the research, so it was a job well done!

Hogan Haake

Operation Clean Stream – 8/26/2017

Danelle and I normally participate in Race For The Rivers each year. This year, we made a prior commitment that happened on the same day, Operation Clean Stream. We took a canoe and paddled down the Meramec River from Greentree to George Winter park, picking up trash along the way.

As you can see from the photos, we had a fantastic time. Actually, its hard to have a bad time when you’re on the river. Maybe next year we’ll race again.

Hogan Haake

Mississippi River Trail (MRT) – 8/22/2017

With the girls at a Cardinals game, I was free to do something more interesting. I drove down to the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and unloaded my unicycle. I love how far this trail goes, and was determined to ride a bunch of it. I went farther north than I have before on the Missouri side.  

The Missouri side of this trail has much more traffic than the Illinois, it was still relatively empty. A perfect place to get exercise and a fantastic view!

Hogan Haake