Echo Bluff – 11/23/2019

We had a weekend trip planned for Echo Bluff State Park. Echo Bluff is a fairly new state park in Missouri. We were going there to celebrate the Missouri Stream Team’s 30th anniversary. We shared a large cabin with two other couples and had plenty of space!

This is actually a duplex. First floor is one rental. Second and third floor (what we had) is a separate rental.

Danelle had her own activities going on, so the kids and I had plenty of time to hang out together. We did go out for a fantastic group hike!

This overlook was up on top of the bluff looking back on much of the park.

Sonora wanted to pet the wild horses behind her.

The hiking trail had several sections set up for mountain bikers to test their skills. Corvin and I looked longingly thinking about taking our unicycles over this, but both know deep down that we’re not quite skilled enough for this!

Looking from the second floor at the inside of the main lodge. We played several board games and enjoyed the fire.

On our way home, we stopped by nearby Devil’s Well. Since it was very cold outside, the well felt warm.

Looking down into the well.

A quick family selfie.

After this we headed home.

Hogan Haake

State 25 – Florida


We started this 3 day weekend with a long drive on 2/14, Valentine’s Day. Lucky for me, Danelle and I don’t celebrate this made up holiday! Instead, Corvin and I headed out. We knew we wouldn’t make it to Florida this night, but we needed to get as far as possible. The goal was that we would get there by 11am the next day to ride. Longer driving today, meant we could sleep in a bit on Saturday.

One interesting side note, Corvin loves to stop at Taco Bell and order the most expensive tacos that he can…

It didn’t take long Saturday morning to finally make it to the Florida border. The state sign was right at the border and hard to get to. Corvin saw another sign saying not to stop, but to go to the welcome center down the road. I don’t think the welcome center’s sign was nearly as good, but we try to follow the rules!

Here we are in Florida officially.

In case you were not sure, Florida wants you to know that the Blue Angels are from there…

I managed to only grab 1 photo during our ride. Its something we go back and forth on remembering to do. In the background, Corvin is pointing at a large smoke cloud. It was there several hours later as we drove to our next destination. I couldn’t find any reference to it, but it didn’t seem good based on the size!

We had lunch on a beachfront restaurant outside and it was a bit warm, fantastic for February. Corvin now knows that he likes yellow tail tuna…

After lunch, we visited the beach that we looked at during lunch before heading out!

I always end up digging if I go to the beach.

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava Entry.

Our map of completed states.

Note, if you’re looking closely, Strava shows 414 feet of elevation gain. There is no way we had that much. We decided on 42 feet as close enough.

Total Trip Miles:  142.05
Total Moving Time: 27h 27m
Total Elevation Gained: 4112 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 14
Total Corvin UPD: 9

Hogan Haake

Waterfall – 11/17/2019

Having property is nice, but its also a lot of work. If you have improvements, then they have to be maintained. In  our case, we were out there, caulking to keep the rain from rotting everything out.

Ahh, Danelle sitting on the job.

I’m probably in trouble based on the look she is giving me. Probably wondering why I”m taking photos and not working.

I miss my beard when I see photos like this, but I usually second guess myself when I have it.

Sink  was leaking, need to replace a cracked pipe…

Hey look, its Corvin!

Hogan Haake

St. Charles Unicycle Ride – 11/16/2019

The MR340 race was moved due to flooding several times this year. Ultimately, it was decided that only 3 boats would start due to the extreme cold. I love this community of paddlers. The finish was going to be this night and only 1 boat was left in the race. I thought I could get there early and get a nice unicycle ride in before waiting for the last and only boat to come across the finish line.

The ride started at the St. Charles boat house. From there, I rode the Katy trail out west. I stopped at Blanchette landing to get some photos of the river.

It was fall, so I had lots of leaves to deal with during the ride.

I heard there was lots of mud due to the flooding, but I didn’t get it till I saw how much mud was scraped to the side of the trail!

Eventually, I caught a road between farm fields. It was large gravel. I was able to ride about 90% of it.

Eventually, I ended up on Route 94 and rode that back most of the way to the boat house. Its not somewhere I would be excited to ride again. A small shoulder and not very flat. It didn’t help that I was quickly getting tired and should have stopped riding about an hour before I did.

Once I got back, I still had to wait about 3 hours for the boat to finish the race, but I considered it a fantastic day and got to hang out with many friends!

Hogan Haake