New Wiper Motor – 4/22/2017

The wipers on my S-10 truck quit working. I used a multi-meter to identify that there was still power going to the unit. I purchased a replacement unit and realized I had to take the truck further apart than I initially wanted. In the process, I lost track of where the parts were when I started.

With it all back together, I turned the wipers back on. Needless to say, it didn’t work the first try, see them in action.

I’m glad its done and the wipers work again!


Earth Day – 4/22/2017

Danelle had a booth at Earth Day this year. It was an advocacy booth to educate people on chloride.

Danelle spent time showing people bugs from a local creek and explaining how a small amount of road salt could compromise their lives. Then she offered a holiday ornament, a piece of paper, to remind people about their salt usage when they are most likely to use them.

Lucky for us, Danelle had some help with her booth and we had some time to walk around together. I found a sign perfect for Corvin…

The kids also got a kick out of painting a St. Louis Metro bus. They had a bus there with a paint by numbers scheme.

Danelle was also near our friend, Mike Clark, who was introducing people to his boat and business getting people out on the river.


Cardinals Game with Laura – 4/18/2017

We were going to the Cardinals game to see Sonora sing the national anthem with the Avery Spotlight Singers. Laura is now living downtown so we invited her to join us. We started by parking in her garage and checking out her new place.

Eventually, we went over to the stadium to see Sonora sing.

The kids sang great and I ignored the whole ball game to talk with friends, so it turned out to be a great outing!

Hogan Haake

Burning a Model – 4/16/2017

My office closed down a small side business. All of the remaining inventory was offered to the employees first to do whatever they want with. One of the things that I picked up was a model of a Chinese building. I know that Danelle likes building these kind of things. So here is the completed model.

While the model is nice, I just don’t need more stuff in the house. Danelle agreed, so the family decided to perform some arson…

All four of us took turns applying accelerant to the fire. In the end, only ashes remained. Talk about good family fun!

Hogan Haake