August Sunset Race 8/9/2012

The Sunset Race is an event that was started in December 2007 to help train for the Missouri River 340 race. A dedicated group of us come out the second Thursday of each month and paddle to train for distance racing and enjoy the river. I spent the first hour of the race hanging out watching the boats while the rest of the group ran shuttle.

Dan had offered for me to try out his kayak which is only 19″ wide. Its very fast, but takes some work to balance. I tried it for about 5 feet before I realized I would flip and I didn’t feel like swimming. I took my kayak out and paddled up stream to keep busy while keeping all our boats in sight.

Once I got upstream, I noticed a group of kids swimming in the river. They were having a great time hanging out. Two of the decided to do something stupid. Two kids climbed up on top of the train bridge and jumped into the river. This is stupid for many reasons, but first being that the river is quite low. I watched them jump, but stayed in the area, ready to paddle over and help rescue an injured person.

It all turned out okay and none of the kids got hurt, but I don’t want to be around if they try it again! The paddle that night was perfect.


Squirrel Prevention – 8/19/2012

It seems just nuts, but that’s the whole point. My father-in-law has two pecan trees in his yard. He wants to get the nuts from the trees,but the squirrels think they own the nuts. The one that wins will be the one that gets to the nuts first. The key to keeping the squirrels from the nuts is keeping them out of the trees!

For the last few years they have been winning the war and getting lots of pecans.


A Little Office Decorating – 8/18/2012

I just can’t help myself sometimes. I hadn’t done anything crazy for a while and decided it was time. It was a random Saturday and i was bored, so I took the kids to the office with a large stack of post-it notes and we decided to have some fun. I picked the VP of Sales, Stu Leventhal as my prey. I had the kids start putting post-it notes on his window in rows while I started blowing up balloons.

It didn’t take the kids long to get into this activity and they were working hard and as a team 🙂

I had about 200 balloons to blow up, but I found that the skin on my finger was blistering badly after tying nearly 100 balloons and decided that would be enough. After the first full window, I also realized that there were not enough notes to fill the second window, so we started a checker pattern to ensure there would be enough.

As you can see from the bottom of the monitor, Stu is a frequent user of post-it notes, so this was extra funny for him.

Our work complete, it was time to wait till Monday to see what people thought of the joke!

Luckily for me, Stu has a great sense of humor and still has them up on his window several months later!


Midsummer Baking with the Methenys – 8/17/2012

Nothing goes better with cookies than kids.  Well, maybe milk, but for this post, we’ll say kids. 

I don’t remember what prompted this get together with the Metheny Family.  Probably just an excuse for us to hang out.  Our theme for this cookie gathering: transportation!

And if you know us at all, yes, we had pizza for dinner.  Only pizza can bring this kind of smile!


6 Flags – 8/13/2012

More flags more fun? At least the kids think so. This is our first family trip to Six Flags ever, let alone since we moved to St. Louis. It isn’t that far from home. The kids don’t look excited in the photo before we entered the park, but I promise we had trouble keeping them from running to the entrance!

If you don’t know me well, then I should come clear that I get motion sickness. Not the normal kind of motion sickness after riding in a car on a hilly road for hours, but the kind where I can’t play 3D style video games for more than 15 minutes at a time. So I took half the maximum daily dose of a motion sickness pill about 2 hours before we got to the park.

When we got into the park, the first thing we did was go to the new Batman roller-coaster. Danelle and Corvin went while Sonora and I watched. I didn’t mind cause it looked too rough for me. Corvin looked a bit pale. The next ride was another roller-coaster that Corvin and I rode together. It did its worst to me, but I didn’t get sick. Of course I wasn’t feeling too good. So I took the second motion sickness pill bringing me to the maximum daily dose.

The rides continued and I was on the edge of feeling okay most of the day. Eventually we got to the kid rides and as much as they want to be big, they appreciated them!

In the end, I made it through the day, but I was asleep on the soft within 30 mins of getting home and still slept through the night. The kids and Danelle and the kids had a great day and I put up with it as best I could. They want season passes and I guess I’ll get more sleep…