1.3 - Pheona
Sean and Jennifer had baby number 4. This is our first visit to see her, just a bit over a week old. She is cute as a button!
1-17 - Pink Puppy
We took Pink Puppy with us on our trip to Jamaica and took these photos of Pink Puppy for the kids. Their own mini version of our trip. Some day we might even publish the story.
1.17 - Jamaica
Danelle and I took an early 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Jamaica. We stayed at Sandals Grande Ochos Rios. It was a great time to reconnect after 10 fantastic years! Not that we were apart, but to be without the kids is pretty awesome. My mom flew in from KC to stay with the kids which made the trip worry free!
For those of you that don't like cruse ships (like me) this is a much better choice. While it still would not be my first choice for a vacation, I would do it again over a cruse ship!!! I'm more of a camping and adventure sort of guy.
1.28 - Driveway Dig
While we were in Jamaica, our sewer backed up worse than ever on us. Mom ended up at Danelle's parents with the kids for half the trip. It ends up that there were 2 serious issues with the sewer lateral line. This required workers to dig up our driveway at the house and replace a bunch of stuff. The city footed 80% of the bill which helped!
2.13 - Corvin Basketball
Corvin is in a basketball program. I think the only rule they enforce is out of bounds. Other than that, almost anything goes! Got to love the kids play. Corvin is a bit of a ball hog, but he does score about half of the baskets for his team!
2.13 - St. Louis Mardi Gras
Can I say that I already can't wait to go next year? Herman came in town to enjoy the festivities with me. We started off on the Metro Link system chugging beers with random strangers hot chicks. Once at Soulard, we immediately began to see that people were alredy partying hard. There was garbage all over the street. Overall people were happy and getting drunk. We walked around for hours just watching all of the crazy people.
February Family
Normal Random stuff.
3.19 - Butterfly House
The kids both had the day off from school, so Danelle took a day off of work and took the kids to the Butterfly House. Thanks to this visit, Sonora is enamored with butterflys. She now has butterfly sheets for her bed and several painted on her wall.
3.30 - V-Star Oil Change
I have a 1999 Yamaha V-Star 650 motorcycle. I needed to change the oil and didn't want to take it to a shop. So I decided to change it myself. I planned on keeping this motorcycle a long time so I was going to do an in-depth documentation of the process and post it online. At the time I had yet to find any great sources of guides. You can see the few photos I did take of the process. While I was changing the oil I had a hard time breaking the bolt loose to drain the oil. Once the bold did come loose, the wrench trapped my thumb between the wrench and the frame of the bike... That was the beginning of the end for that bike. I finished up the oil change the next night when my thumb didn't hurt as bad.

Note the length of the socket on the wrench in the 5th image. I had to have the socket custom ground down to about half its original length to get it to fit between the frame and the bolt on the motor to drain the oil. The way the oil pan is designed, only a socket will fit the bolt, but there is precious little space for it. Good luck to anybody about to try. I'm sure you'll get it done, but it isn't easy.
March Family
Sorry dad, but I'm not a big fan of my Webber grill. I just can't wait for the coals to get hot before I cook unless I"m camping. So this month, I found the best use for my grill ever... It is an outdoor fire pit. I have been buring random sticks that fall from the trees in my yard. If anybody bugs me about it... I"m getting ready to cook dinner!
4.4 - Easter In KC
This was an amazing trip to KC for us. We got to see more family than we have seen in a while and 2 new babies to boot. Hayden's newest son Phillip, and Hiatt's newest son Sean. Both babies were so crazy awesome, that for a moment, I wanted another one myself! Corvin went fishing for the first time ever and caught several fish. I wrestled with all the kids and a few of my brothers. Of course I won if you were wondering!
4.18 - Ryan's Yard
My buddy from High School, Ryan, wanted to do some landscaping in his yard. He knew that Danelle and I have done some stone walls before and Danelle knows all about plants. So they offered to trade help for babysitting. Little did they know that we got the better end of that deal. So we went off and used the minivan (our version of a truck) and picked up the stones in 2 trips. Then I may or may not have spelled a word in their lawn with the stones before we finally placed them where they belonged. Ryan and I also used a sledge hammer to break up a cement wall (probably a foundation) that was just under the soil. Overall it was a successful day!
4.22 - Day At The Office
I'm known around the office as a goofball. I have fun, but I also get my work done. So in one of those cycles where we had a bit of down time, I decided to create some art. We had a bunch of empty Diet Mountain Dew boxes laying around. I decided to turn them into a robot and set it up to watch over the server room. Alos seen in these photos are the forbidden Boss's daughters. Sara, Pam, and Jessica are gracing the photos. Jen couldn't make it (for this photoshoot).
4.24 - Rocket Park Party
One of Sonora's classmates had a birthday party at the rocket park. The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time playing on the equipment.
April Family
This was a fun month to hang out. We went to Earth day in Forrest park and hung out in the rain. I picked up pamphlets from all of the solar power vendors like I do every year. This year I even did something about the solar power as you'll see later in July. I saw a Tesla Roadster in person, and didn't get too wet.
5.7 - Johnson's Shut In Camping
This was our first camping trip for the year. We happened to go on the first weekend that the state park was open since the Taum Sauk breach December 14, 2005. The new facilities are just about perfect. The kids always like riding around the campsite on their bikes. Corvin usually rides ahead of me announcing "Here comes my dad on a unicycle." I don't see what the big deal is. We took some cool pictures and walked the scour trail where the breach took place. The kids attended a presentation on owl calling. The best part of it all was that the family was together and happy!
5.15 - Sonora Birthday
Our big girl turned 4 today. We celebrated with friends and family over at the house. Maggie spent the night and the girls had a great time overall.
May Family
Check out those peas from the garden!
6.6 - Strawberry Patch
We drove out to St. Jacob, Illinois to pick strawberries at the end of the season. We ended up picking one whole flatt. Sonora and I probably ate a whole nother flat while we were picking... We also purchased a flat of not as nice strawberries that we later turned into jam. We ended up spending the whole day in Illinois, driving through Alton on the great river road. The kids wern't impressed, but Danelle and I liked the scenery.
6.12 - Botanical Garden
Jake and Robin had Robin's whole family in town. Danelle was tasked with being the family photographer. These are a subset of the large number of photos we took that day. Robin and her family had a great time and have family photos to remember it by.
6.15 - First Family Cardinal's Game
This was the first game tht the 4 of us went to together. The kids lasted until the third inning where they were both hungry and thirsty. I walked both kids around for a bit till we found the popcord. We walked back with popcorn and water and the kids were good till the 7th inning. Corvin fell asleep and had to be carried all the way back to the car several blocks away.
6.19 - Graham Cave Camping
This was a nice camping trip with Sean and Jennifer. Graham Cave state park wasn't very exciting, but it was not very busy either. The campsite was clean and safe, but right off I-70. I got lots of baby time holding Pheona also!
6.25 - Michigan Trip
This trip was probably the highlight of my summer. I was going to see the dedication of the Verlen Kruger Memorial in Portland Michigan. On the way I was going to make a 6 hour side trip and pick up a new engine for my motorcycle. I left on Thursday night and came back Saturday night for some 1,400 miles of driving. I got the new motor, paddled with some famous people and got in a round of disc golf in Indiana. Overall this was a total success!
June Family
Danelle had a huge harvest from her rather large garden.
7.1 - Parade Float
We are finishing up our first parade float for the Webster Groves 4th of July parade. It doesn't look like much, but its our first try. The float is a rain barrel demonstration. We have water in the barrel and a pump to make it rain.
7.3 - Parade Day
Here are the photos of the day of the parade. The float went off perfect. Ryan and Ingrid walked the float with us and we had a great time. The only problem happened on the way home. The rain barrel fell off the float and was drug behind the van for a hundred feet or so...
7.5 - Danelle High School Friends
Danelle had some of her high school friends over for food and just general hanging out. I can never complain whenever she wants to have high school friends over, cause she went to an all girls school!
7.15 - Daddy Funeral
My mom's father died on 7/15/2010. We all called him Daddy because we were so close to him. He lived an incredible life, so nobody can complain! The family was prepared for about a week for this to happen, so it wasn't a shock. We all gathered in KC to hang out and be together. Mostly we celebrated his wonderful life! This was the first time in many years that all of my siblings were together in one place. The photo here is all of us together. That makes me happy!
7.27 - Solar
I'm going to work on a more "official" write up later for the process, but we purchased solar panels for our house this year. Our system is rated for 3.6 KW of power. Check out or power generation in real time.
July Family
Always something going on.
8.12 - Meramec
This is the group that has a canoe race the second Thursday of every month on the Meramec river. Come join us some time :)
8.21 - Hogan Motorcycle Photos
I spent about 19 hours with my boss Mike swapping the motor on my motorcycle. We took the bike down to the frame and put it back together. It wasn't 100% when we were done, but it did start and run.
8.25 - Motorcycle Mess
These are photos of the finishing of my motorcycle. At least I thought. Once it was all together, it started, but wasn't any better. So I did the hard thing and put it on a trailer to go to the shop. Now that its back, it runs like a champ! Notice all of the oil trails left by the old motor. That sucked to clean up.
August Family
Yep, its August.
9.4 - Labor Day
This Labor day was a holiday and a surprise. Jason, Brandi, and Jamie Hilton all came down to visit. We had not seen them for a little over a year. It was amazing to hang out with them again! So we celebrated with a tour of St. Louis. No tour of St. Louis would be complete without a stop at the riverfront to go up in the arch. Unfortunately for us, there was a football game that day, so parking was very expensive.
After the Arch, we went over the the City Museum. We spent several hours there playing and having a great time. It was such a good time that Sonora split the back of her pants sliding around. We were not ready to go home, so we got tape from the gift shop and taped up her pants. Then I bought an adult shirt (they don't sell pants) and she wore it like a dress.
We rounded out the weekend with time at the zoo, transportation museum, St. Charles riverfront, and the Magic House. It was a busy sight seeing weekend. Most importantly, we spent valuable time with friends. Can't wait to see them again!
9.12 - Rain Garden
Danelle has been working diligently on the rain garden in front of our house. The photos here are some she took for a presentation she was giving. It keeps getting better each year that we have it. Also in the photo is a snake we found in our front yard.
9.18 - Maple Days
The city of Maplewood has a festival every year called Maple Days. They have a carnival and fireworks. This is the first year we were able to make it to the festival. Dad happened to be in town and we took him with us. The rides were free which made for long lines, but happy parents!
9.24 - Trout Lodge
Danelle gave a presentation about rain gardens at the Trout Lodge. This is a very cool facility operated by the YMCA. We spend the weekend doing activities with the kids and generally having a good time. The kids were facinated by the mini golf, boats, archery. We tried to play Disc Golf on their course, but it ended up being a bust. The course was fairly new and needed lots of work. On the hike for disc golf, we saw many different types of mushrooms.
September Family
A good month for the family. We went to a party hosted by JoJo Newbold for people who recently raced the MR340. It was nice to talk to people about the experience. I have photos of JoJo's custom setup in her boat. Corvin finished his first ever season of soccer and the garden came to an end.
10.9 - Corvin's Birthday
Corvin turned 7 and got a new bike. We went to the Incredible Pizza Company for dinner and everybody was happy!
10.15 - Steve and Jackie's Wedding
Steve took the plunge and got himself married to Jackie. His wedding was a great time! We spent a lot of time hanging out and just being best buddies that weekend. I played the part of best man for Steve. I tried to take good care of him. I may have partaken in a bit of liquid courage before I gave the toast at the reception, but people said that it came out perfect. I could not have asked for anything better than what happened that weekend!
10.15 - Steve and Jackie's Wedding Continued.
Yep, more photos emerged of the wedding.
10.31 - Howell Island/a>
Back in 2008, we tried to hike
Howell Island but the water was just too high. I would go so far as to say it was scarry. I learned after that visit, that the Missouri River has to be below 16.5 feet in St. Charles in order to walk across to the island. Today was one of those glorious days. I wish that the kids were up to a longer hike. We went approximately 2 miles out and then came back the same distance. The island is perfectly bare of people. Yes, there is a trail, but other than that, it appears to be totally empty and quite. I look forward to going back to it some day and hiking all the way around.
10.31 - Halloween
Harry Potter fever finally took our house by storm. Corvin dressed as Harry and Sonora dressed as a witch. Not to be outdone, uncle Brian came over dressed as a knight with a suit of aluminum foil and a welding mask. I have to say that I was impressed with his costume.
October Family
We had a plesant month. Corvin is dressed in his Cub Scout uniform before a meeting. Corvin is enjoying his soccer and we're enjoying the rest of fall.
11.2 - Cookie Decorating
This is one of our best stop motion videos to date. We created this in celebration of Demetrius Lovette, a guy I work with getting his first house. We found a photo of his house and modeled the cake from the photo. Demetrius is especially proud of his house because he helped build it. Talk about a cool dude! I'm proud to be his friend and present him with something to commemorate a very cool event in his life!

Demetrius' House 6mb If you're having trouble viewing, right click and save as. Once the movie is downloaded to your browser, it should be easier to see.
11.11 - Sunset Race
We generally race on the Meramec river the second Thursday of each month. This month was no exception. The water was extremely low and I was fortunate enough to get a photo of the "killer" rock that I have hit a few times. Nice to have a better idea where it is for future reference.
11.25 - KC Thanksgiving
We went to Kansas City for Thanksgiving to visit my parents. Holly and Jim were also in town at the same time. It is always great to get in town when they are because we don't see them enough. The adults, minus Danelle, decided to go out to the Federal Reserve and check out the money museum. It is awesome to see how the money is made. To get into the money museum, you have to provide ID and go through airport like security. Holly forgot her ID and sat outside with Jim while we went in the museum without her. One of the coolest things inside the museum is a stack money worth over 40 million US dollars. After the money museum, we went to Liberty Memorial. It is a museum dedicated to World War 1. We went up the tower and have photos of the downtown KC skyline.
Back at my parents house, Jim and I cut down a tree in my parents back yard that was dead, then cut it up to firewood. Its always nice to do something for my parents to help them out.
Herman got a unicycle and had it out. It took me several tries before I could ride it. The seat is quite different from mine. My unicycle seat is like a figure eight. My legs go in the skinny narrow part and are held in by the bulges in the front and back. Herman's seat is more like a pear and I found it slipping back. It isn't bad, just different than I am used to.
11.28 - Driving Home
We had a most pleasant drive home from KC. We left early and took our time. It is not often that we are able to drive in the day when we can see the scenery. We stopped in Rocheport, MO to walk on the Katie Trail. I have done this once before and wanted to share it with my family. Little did I know that we would end up at the wine shop getting a case of wine as Christmas presents. It was a more expensive stop than I wanted, but we had a great time!
November Family
I went with Jason to the costume shop several days after Halloween and picked up a wig. I am a sucker for half off. You can see us wearing our wigs and having a great time. Several family and friends also felt the need to try it on.
12.6 - Maggie Birthday
Maggie had her birthday this year at Chuck E Cheese. Most of the photos here are of their family, but we like them. Yeah, I can't remember all of the names.
12.10 - Paddling Pals
Joe, Jo Jo, Spencer, Ryan, and Hogan havign a celebration beer.
12.17 - Thumbelina
Danelle took Sonora to see Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse. The silly horse is actually next to Danelle's work, so they just had to figure out when a group could go over and meet the horses. This was a great mother and daughter bonding experience.
12.22 - Rice Crispy Snowman
I have been making cookie cakes for a while now and creating videos of them. I wanted to do something different for the company Christmas party. We decided to do a large Rice Krispy Snowman. This consisted of two batches and lots of forming. Thanks to Danelle for doing the actual work while I documented it with the camera. The end result was a very interesting desert. It took my boss, a hunter, to take the first chunk out of his head before anybody else would cut into him for desert. This was also inspired by Epic Meal Time. Too bad I didn't have any bacon!
12.23 - Magic House
Kids at that crazy Magic House.
12.24 - X-mas On Elm Street
Lucky for us, it didn't turn out to be a horror film! We had a nice family meal and celebrated Christmas.
12.25 - Christmas At The Riz
Christmas day with Danelle's mom's side of the family. Confusing huh!
December Family
This year ended almost as good as it started. The one exception to that was Danelle's grandma, Cecilia Marie Klingert, dying this month. She lived a full 90 years and we were blessed to have been a small part of her life!